Friday, September 21, 2012

Ann Graham Lotz simulcast

First Baptist Church in Brandon (Florida) will be hosting the simulcast of Ann Graham Lotz  Just Give Me Jesus Friday (September 21, 2012) and Saturday (Sept. 22nd) .

I'd like to invite all my friends, if you live close enough, to come out.  If you can't make it on Friday, then by all means, come on Saturday.    It's all free!   And guess what - - - On Saturday, when we break for lunch, we've got the Food Truck Rally right outside on the premises!   No foolin'!    And I've got the inside scoop on who will be there.  Because you're my friends, I'm gonna whisper it to you now.

We've got:
Michelle Faedo's  On The Go
Niko Arepa's Food Truck  (Argentine cuisine)
The Cuppin' Cake
Okie Dokie (Asian cuisine)
Fat Tortilla  (Mexican)
Hog Father - BB!
Hot Mess - (Assorted)
Dude and His Food Truck  ( Assorted)

I really hope to see everyone that can there!  Look for me and say hi !!!  :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Birthday Tea with Aunt Nette

This year Mackayley turned 5. Which is the magical number for going to tea with Aunt Nette.
Of course, we went to Camillia Rose Tea Room in Plant City, FL.

Notice that I spelled her name differently than what was on the placecard? It really is Mackayley. But c'mon, how many Mackayleys are there to compare spellings with, right? No biggie, they quickly corrected the spelling....

and we were good to go.

Mackayley is number 3 in the line of "tea with Aunt Nette",and had been listening to stories from the older, more experienced girls of going to tea so she was anxious to have her own "girl time". It was raining on the day we went to tea, so there was no name on the chalkboard outside the store for Mackayley. But that didn't even seem to phase her. (Whew! Dodged that bullet).
(Paying close attention to the tea selection for the day)
and finding the perfect hat is a must
ah, yes. I think she found the perfect tea too.

I thought it was cute that she informed me how a lady would use her napkin!

Like her sister, Mackenzie, she soon got tired of all the pictures too. sigh...

After our tea was over, she used her big-girl vocab and said it was all "lovely". I'm glad all the heightened expectations weren't a disappointment. I never knew how much these teas meant to these little girls. I'm so glad, and grateful to be building memories with them all. Next, tea I'll share is my tea with Winter. It was a comment from her that made me realize just how special these teas are with them! Don't miss it.

and I'll leave you with my favorite picture of all.... I just love this one!


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