Sunday, October 24, 2010

Something New! Get featured!

If you've been following my blog, and have been visiting on Fridays during September and October you've noticed that I've been having guest bloggers for my Freezer Foods Friday.  I wanted a way to honor my guests so I asked Mary, my uber talented blog designer for a cutsy button.   She totally did this blog for me, just the way I love!  Don't you?  

There's no way I'd attempt my own button...why would I anyway?  I mean, when Mary totally rocks!  So, she made this button for me (there's a smaller one in my right sidebar)

Lovin' it!!!

If you see someone with this button on their blog, give 'em some bloggy love.  Because I think they're cool and deserve it.  (smile)

And while we're speaking of "bloggy love",  if you're thinking about having someone design your blog...who knows what they're doing, (ahmmm... NOT me), or toying with the idea of changing your look, you should totally check out Mary's site Blog Rock !  (her button is on the left side bar too!)   She can even make you an avatar too.  I like mine!  I totally heart her!!!


  1. What a really cute feature button!

  2. A great button, which I am proudly posting on my blog! Thanks, J!


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