Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday School Breakfast Casserole

This recipe has been through so many “owners” since I first received it y-e-a-r-s ago.  (Remember when Taste of Home’s yearly cookbooks used to be spiral bound?   That’s how long ago.)
First, I got it from the cookbook, then Lisa asked if she could contribute it to for our Christmas Happening recipes – put her name on it,  Then Linda did a cooking demonstration and used it – now it had her name on it.  Then, my husband decided he wanted to contribute to the men’s annual “stuff-yer-gut” Christmas breakfast in our old Sunday School class so I gladly handed the reigns to him.   I didn’t mind at all because, you see, as I said I didn’t originate it.  I just tweaked it.  Besides that, if a recipe isn’t shared…it dies. 
This past Sunday, we put ourselves down to bring snacks.  My Man-of-the-house decided he was going to make the Breakfast Casserole (now called “his” casserole LOL).  Gladly I “let him”, with the condition that I get to take pictures of him doing it and then share with all of you.
SweetJeanette (2)  (his chef’s cap?)
Sunday School Breakfast Casserole   (A.K.A.  Overnight Breakfast Casserole)
8 eggs, beaten
1 cup milk
1/2 tsp dry mustard powder
1/2 tsp salt
8 hashbrown patties, frozen
* 2 cups ham, chopped or cubed
4 cups shredded cheddar cheese
SweetJeanette (3)  SweetJeanette (4) 
Spray bottom of 9 x 13 pan with cooking spray, line with the hashbrown patties. 
SweetJeanette (7)
Mix together  the milk, eggs, mustard powder and salt. 
SweetJeanette (6)SweetJeanette (8)
SweetJeanette (9)  SweetJeanette (10)
Top with the ham and cheese.
SweetJeanette (14)
Pour milk- egg mixture over all.

Cover with foil and refrigerate overnight.
Bake at 350 for one hour, covered.  Then uncover and bake another 15 minutes.
SweetJeanette (11)

* Instead of ham, this time, we used bacon. (about a pound)
And I just realized, I totally forgot to take a picture of the end result!!!
Sorry, but it if helps – it was all gone by the end of Sunday School class!
and a special thanks to my wonderful husband for letting me take all the pics of him!


  1. I am printing this out! It sounds yummy and I have snacks in our Sunday School Class the 24th of this month! Thanks!!

    Lou Cinda

  2. This is a variation of what we call church basement breakfast casserole or Easter casserole. I may have to try to make the recipe smaller and make it for me and the kids this week!

  3. Heather you could freeze what you don't use. I've cut up individual servings and wrapped each slice (individually) and popped into ziploc bags. Makes for a great quick breakfast next time you're rushed. ;-)

  4. This is totally different, but yet similar to the Breakfast Casserole I make. Mine, I can make ahead and put in the freezer.
    BTW - how do you get those chickens to lay eggs with dates on them? Ours don't do that lol

    1. Do you think I could make this ahead and freeze it before baking like Tammy does with her recipe?

    2. Hey Grandma Honey. I've only frozen it after it has been cooked, so I can't say for sure. (That just might go on my list of "to-try-and-verify" recipes!) I just wonder about the moisture content after freezing un-cooked. If you beat me to it, come back and let me know how it worked for you!

  5. Thank you sweetjeanette. More I think about it, I don't think I'll chance it. Besides it's so easy to just put together night before. There isn't even any chopping or opening cans with this recipe. :)

  6. Well I do hope you'll enjoy this as much as we do. ❤️

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