Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is the day set aside for prayer, for you.

If you have a prayer request, please list it in the comments below. You don't have to give any information you don't feel comfortable with. (A simple "unspoken" comment is sufficient).
If you would like to pray, then please pray for the comment above yours.

Also, if you would like to share a "praise" for a blessing you have received please feel free to leave a comment so we can all rejoice with you!


  1. I have a PRAISE today!!
    I am so thankful that my daughter PASSED BOTH THE 2nd and 3rd TESTS yesterday!!! She now has her CDL permit and will starts training today!!!! Thank You THANK YOU thank you EVERYONE for the prayers! :) I am SO VERY PROUD of her! It's not always easy to make a job change. She's going for it!

  2. my daughter, who had a miscarriage april 1, 2011, is a month away from her due date. please say a prayer (or 2) that everything will be fine with our little girl, Parker Leigh. my daughter and her husband are so excited to welcome this wonderful blessing into their home. thank you


I love your sweet comments and read them all. Please let me know you were here!


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