Tuesday, November 13, 2012

C.R.A.F.T. package pals exchange

I signed up for the package pals exchange on Jamie of  C.R.A.F.T's site.  I've been a slacker, because I'm just now posting all the great things I received.  Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.  It wasn't because I didn't like any of the great goodies...honest!  I loved them all!!!  This was a fun exchange and I met a wonderful new cyber-friend through this!  Her name is Erin from Chronic Christian Crafter.  She was so sweet!  I got so many great things from her, I loved them all.  I started to say that my favorite thing was the "Henderson Bakery" sign she made ( I DO love it), but then there's the absolutely great cup and saucer she decorated with all quotes I pinned on Pinterest.  What thought she put into this exchange!  Made me feel so special!   Oh, and remember me saying I was a slacker?  Well, to prove that point, I sent out her package without shooting any pics.   So I had a brain storm.  I asked her if I could snag the pictures she took (trust me, hers are way better than I could show you anyway).   Being the angel she is, she said yes.    So, first I'll show you the gifts I sent her...  (Thank you Erin for saving me!)
(photo courtesy of Chronic Christian Crafter
Erin had mentioned that she would like to try her hand at sewing, so on my recent trip to TN, there's is a great little pattern shop I like to visit and  I picked up this gingerbread man bucket kit.  Everything she will need to finish that project, plus a small clutch/card clutch pattern.  I sent a tote bag.  I used fabric to make it that I like to call "carpet bagger" fabric.  Very retro/vintage.  A tea towel, business card case, key fob and a Christmas bunting.   Erin hung it up where she had her her Thanksgiving bunting hanging to shoot this picture...

And now, what she sent me...  Ooooooh.... this is so cool!
Isn't that sign the best?!?  And the established date, 1979...the year I was married and established my home....er.. Bakery!  She put thought into this gift, y'all!   
She continued  the kitchen theme throughout...
Erin made these really cool recipe cards that has "Recipe"  cut-out.  An oven mitt, and she even included two of her own recipes!  I can't wait to try that cobbler!!!
I got these decorated clothes pins, and she took a plastic cutting board and monogramed it with an "H".  How cool!!!

See the cool cup and saucer?  The first pic is the "before"  :-)  I just thought that was the sweetest thing.  She went to my Pinterest page for ideas, and came up with this.  Ultra-cool!!!

and here's a close up of the sign she made me.  (Did I mention that I l-o-v-e this?!?!?)
Photos courtesy of Erin at Chronic Christian Crafter

I have to say, this is one of the absolutely best exchanges I've participated in.  I even asked Erin if she'd put me on her Christmas list this year!    I had such a wonderful exchange partner and as time progresses, and we "stalk" each other's blogs I think we will become great (cyber) friends!   Thank you again, Erin!

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  1. That sign is awesome! I also love the Christmas bunting... looks perfect on your mantle! Happy you enjoyed the crafty exchange :) THANK YOU for participating in Oct. PP!


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