Saturday, February 23, 2013

Word Verification - a love hate relationship

You've been there, right?  You go to a blog.  You type your comment like a good surfer because you want to let them know you were there and to say hello, or add to the conversation, and BAM!  There it is!  That Word Verification!   Ugh!    I know, I've been there too.  I vowed not to have that on my blog.
Until now.  Thanks to Pinterest making my Pecan Pie Cake post getting so many views, it's now the target of all sorts of spammers.  I seriously get 30-50 a day!  Some I catch, some I don't. I'm not complaining that so many people view this post.  I love the company!  But trying to clean up all these spammy comments is taking up too much time.  Time I could better use killing my plants.  So, this is the only way I know of now, to (hopefully) take care of that.  Please understand, and bear with me.   And, if you know of a better, quicker way to take care of those varmints, please let me know.


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  2. Have you tried chaning your settings so anonymous comments can't post? Most spam comes in that way. This may block a few normal people who aren't signed in from commenting, but it will keep most people happy. I do this from time to time when spam gets out of hand and then open it back up in a few weeks when the spammers realize trying to comment is a waste of their time.

    I do understand your frustrations. We all hate spam. Just do what is right for yoy, and I'm sure everyone will understand.

  3. I have my blog set to block anonymous posts but allow Open ID. I find that it helps quite a bit. I've gone back and forth with the word verification and I have found more people annoyed to use it than not. When people don't want to take the time, they stop posting. It doesn't mean they aren't reading though. Of course, I still approve every comment because I want to read each one first and respond when I am able.
    Do what is good for you and will work best. Spamming is the most annoying thing!
    Happy Sunday!
    Lulu and Daisy

  4. I found that they mostly spam on older posts, so I put my settings to not post after post has been live for 14 days. Yes, I still have to go through and delete them, but they don't get posted at least. The spam comments have reduced quite a bit since I did that.


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