Sunday, December 19, 2010

GUEST POST - Donna Liljegren from Brynwood Needleworks

I am so thrilled to share my blog-friend with you! I don't remember how I met Donna from Brynwood Needleworks way back when, but I'm so glad I did. First of all, she's the sweetest bloggy friend! Second, she's uber-talented!!! You should see some of the great things she's made!!! I envy her talent, and secretly coveted everything she has made! When she'd post pics of things she was making and giving as gifts, I must admit whispering a "oh man! Wish that was me!" You have got to check out her blog!

And speaking of uber talented ...  She's sharing an adorable mug mat tutorial with us today.  Because she has given detailed pictures and lots of 'em (which I love and need!) she has provided us a link to the complete and all!

I won't keep you any longer, beause I know you want to meet my friend, Donna!
Thanks so much, Jeanette, for inviting me to be a guest on your blog today. I hope your readers will enjoy creating their own mug mats!

This is a quick and easy gift to make for your friends or family. Different from the usual square or rectangle format, the White Wing Dove Mug Mat is sure to delight the recipient.
White Wing Dove Mat
© 2010 Donna Liljegren, Brynwood Needleworks

You can download the template for the “White Wing Dove” Mug Mat at Once you’re on the “Tutorials page”, go to the “Free Brynwood Pattern Downloads” section and scroll through the “Patterns”, until you see White Wing Dove Template. When you click on it, it will automatically download into your computer from The full tutorial will also appear on the Tutorials page of my blog.

Here is the link for the entire tutorial:

Now, I can’t be a guest on Jeanette’s cooking blog without including a recipe for you!
I’d like to share my family’s Instant Hot Cocoa recipe. It’s not as decadent as some of the latest cocoa recipes I’ve seen lately, but you can make it sweeter simply by amending the proportions.

Merry Christmas, and God Bless Us, Everyone!

Brynwood Needleworks Instant Hot Cocoa

10 2/3 cups Powdered Milk
1 lb. box of Nestle’s Quick Mix
1 cup Powdered Sugar
8 oz. Coffee Mate (better to add more than less of the Coffee Mate)

Mix everything together in a large bowl and then store in an airtight container.
Spoon into a mug and cover with boiling water. Serve with marshmallows, if you’d like.
Perfect on cold, snowy days or nights. Enjoy!

Thanks Donna for sharing with us today! 


  1. Donna is just the best! I am one of the lucky winners of her quilt giveaway! Everything she makes is perfect. Thank you for sharing this tutorial and recipe. Merry Christmas! Twyla

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