Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did you know...

Did you know, I have an etsy shop?  Do you know what etsy is?  Sort of like the ebay of handmade.  Sort of.  It's an online craft shop.  Everything handmade.  You can buy crafting supplies too.

For those of you who have known me for a while in real life, know that I used to sell my crafts in local craft fairs and a local shop.  I stopped, but whenever I'd give or use something I made I'd still get the question "Do you sell that anywhere?"   So I thought I'd try it again.  I told man of the house that I would try it for six months or so, and if it didn't fly, then I'd clean the craft room.  LOL

So, I opened up my etsy shop, but I haven't officially launched my shop yet.   I chose March (my birth month!) to do that.   I'm letting you in on the secret the rest of the world won't know about until March.  Shhhh...  it's our secret.  When I officially launch, I'm starting off with a sale.  Everything, and I mean everything, in my shop will be 20% off (since it's my second go at crafting world). 

Don't worry though, it's not my intention to turn my blog into one giant billboard for my wares.  I will, however, keep you updated when I make something new and even from time to time have contests to help me name something, or ask your opinions.  You will give me your honest opinions, won't you?  (Please say yes!  and you won't hurt my feelings  because I'm really looking for critiques, not compliments)

You can click the button above, or the one in my left-hand sidebar to take you to my shop, but I'll let you see some of the things in the shop now.  I'm working to get more in there, so like I said, when something new and fabulous goes in, you'll see it here.

Here's some of the things in there now....  what do you think?  Like?  Not like?  Make more of what?  Lose what?   Lemme know!


ok, that's a peak.  All opinions welcome!!!

Thanks for indulging me.


  1. Jeanette, I would LOVE to feature you as the Etsy Spotlight on my website - let me know if you're interested :) Here is a link to the first two spotlights:

  2. Very nice! I added you as my favorite.

  3. i have an etsy shop too, but i dont have anything in it yet. i love the treasures you have made! march is my bday month too! the 28th to be exact. enjoy stocking your shop.

  4. Esty is awesome. I had a couple of Christmas items for sale, my first time using this site. Good luck to you.

    Plan B

  5. Hello Jeanette,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.
    I enjoyed coming by here for a visit. Adorable items for your etsy shop...


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