Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little Cupcake's Getting Married!

This weekend was my cousin's wedding shower.  Now, I come from a very large extended family, and we are all very close. So, to say she is my cousin....well, I might as well say "she's my sister".  Yeah.  There are some friends from church, who will remain nameless, who doubted I had that many family members.  When we were serving on the Ladies Ministry leadership team and I couldn't go to an event because there was a family party, shower, or whatever, one (nameless) friend finally demanded to see the program, list, or a signed excuse from family events!  LOL  I will note that the said nameless friend, met my family and now understands that yes, indeed it is that big!    and what's even crazier... we all live right around each other!  (I'm blessed)

Having said all that, Cayla is getting married. The week after my birthday - which is this Friday by the case you want to send gifts!   Cayla was born 10 days after my wedding day, in fact. 

The shower was a tea and another cousin, April, did a wonderful job officiating it, along with the help of other cousins and one of my aunts.

This is Cindy, Cayla's sister, and the reason this one is in here as she's taking something out of the oven.... Cindy doesn't cook...period!  We love her, and she's great, and will keep you in stitches, but bless her heart, she doesn't get the concept of the whole domesticity thing. LOL

(Sorry it's so blurry, maybe I was laughing too hard)

April had a "cupcake tree" there, since Cayla is all over cupcakes!

This is totally supposed to be purple ribbons, sorry

There were strawberry scones from The Camilla Rose Tea Room!
You see the brownies on top plate? They were made my another cousin, Dustin - an act of love from one of the male cousins.

 Pots of hot water were on the table and you'll see the different (great flavors of) tea bags in the lower right corner.   So we served ourselves to our favorite flavors.

and since we're all good Southern Girls, of course we had sweet tea!

The favors were little bags of all the flavors of tea served at the shower

oh, and by the way, the tags were made by yours truly.

(doesn't that fruit cup look wonderful?!?) I helped!   LOL

The shower was held in the fellowship hall, which adjoins the children's church.  That has got to be the coolest Kid's Church I've seen!  Such bright and bold colors and neat decor!   Just take a look...

 Well, there you have it.  How I spent my Saturday.  I had a great time.  Hopefully Cayla did too.


  1. I feel so honored to have been blogged about! You know the second I saw this post I had to check it out to see which one of the gazillion folks it might be about. Congratulations to Cayla and GO NOLES!

  2. Um.. since it says "Anonymous"... I'm just guessin' here - are you "said nameless friend"??? LOL

  3. I love teas and this one was especially lovely!

  4. i love teas! how fun and the girls looked like they enjoyed themselves immensely:)


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