Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My life

SweetJeanette (3)
This past weekend we spent going through my husband’s grandmother’s estate.  While there were many larger items her other grandchildren were going through, and things already spoken for, my attention was more in her sewing room.
Grandma Ruth used to own her own shop.  I didn’t know her back then, and my husband and I have been together 31 years.   In her modest home, in one of her spare bedrooms, she still had the sewing equipment from those days.  There were monster machines of all types  I couldn’t even begin to know how to operate. But she did.   One of the machines was an old electric sewing machine that was in a gorgeous old, and well worn, cabinet.  I was lucky enough to get that.  Inside were gobs and gobs of buttons.  It was obvious that a lot of these buttons were saved from old clothes.  Just snipped off of the piece of clothing, so as not to waste. 
SweetJeanette (7)
I just loved these old metal bobbins.
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One question I kept hearing from different people as I wandered from room to room “when I’m gone, I wonder what they’ll see of mine”.  I hadn’t really thought about that before, but seeing how I kept hearing it… It made me wonder , what will they conclude about my life when they go through my “things”.
What will my possessions say about me “when I’m gone” ? Will they wonder when they see my quilt collection, my teacup and teapots, my dust (threw that in to see if you were paying attention)…will they say “she sure put a lot of stock in “stuff”, or will they see a home that loved, cared for and prayed for others?  Do my possessions accurately describe the “me” I am?

Be Sweet


  1. I am sure they will comment about the sweet, and caring YOU. Life is too short for sure. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your husbands family.

  2. Jeannette,
    I have thought the very same thing, many times, and you know what I have ! I think to myself what will my family do, where will they start ?? I have given my two daughters a token each for my remebrence, but they just laugh and say "Mom you are going to live a long time" and besides, what will we do with Old Stuff ??? my heart stops at this point and I go far away to the day when my Grandmother, or my Nannie as we called her, lovingly and careful, gave all us grandchildren something to have from her ! I cherish those things, and at the time I remember saying "oh Nannie your going to live a long time " so I guess its kinda like its not what we think people will say after were gone, because they will say plenty I am sure, I just hope like I have seen time and time again, at many an estate sale, someones treasures, collections, and little bits and pieces my treasures dont end up like that ! but I guess I really wont care, but I sure wish my mansion in heaven could use my stuff to decorate it, and it aint never hurt to have a few sets of china there just in case I have company right ? I hope you and Paul, cherish your thoughts of this dear member of your Family who has gone home !

  3. Wonderful post!!
    But I have the need to clean out my craft room now... not sure I want to leave that mess for my family of men :)

  4. I have thought about this same thing and I am always reminded when I hear Sheri Easter sing "She Loved". Love your little "dust comment" because I am sure the one thing people will say is "she sure didn't like to dust" lol

  5. Great thought-provoking question. It makes me want to go clean out my garage!

  6. I would love to have anything of my Granny's old sewing. I know she quilted, but that's all I know. And those metal bobbins in your picture will fit either a Singer 301 or a Featherweight.

    Doro in TX


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