Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sobering Sugar Facts

Someone sent these pics in an email to my hubby, who in turn sent them to me (being that I'm all "count-those-carbs-cut-that-sugar of late)  So I have no idea where they originated.  Looking at these common items in light of how many sugar cubes they equate to, is... well, sobering to say the least!   I'll just let the pics speak for themselves...

(Bananas are one of my faves, but really???!)

Tempted to make your next meal just water?   I am.  Ok, not really. 


  1. I have seen this before and it does make you stop and think. What I am wondering is if they are counting things like corn syrup along with natural sugars? I still believe a banana would be much better for you than a bowl of Trix or chocolate chip cookies :)

  2. Bananas have natural sugar, and they are ok in moderation. I eat a banana everyday. All fruits have natural sugars. Just stay away from the junk like soda, drinks, cookies, desserts. Fruit makes a great dessert!


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