Friday, September 2, 2011

Ghiardelli Chocolate Cake - Revisited

Do you remember this trifle I made as a result of a cake failure? 
(I blogged about it here)

It was yummy but that was not what I was going for.  At first I made it in a regular old-fashioned bundt pan.  

The recipe said to bake it in a silicone bundt pan.  Ok, I go and buy one of those suckers and try it again. 

 It was a "fail" again.   Ok, I try it a third time, and blog about it with a challenge here.  I included the recipe on this one!  I want this to work!  I had a lot of good suggestions, but no one took on the task. 

Until yesterday.  That's when Carolyn (@temysmom) asked if anyone had a trifle recipe on twitter.  She was planning on making one for Labor Day.  I directed her to the post where I made this cake failure into a trifle.  To my excitement, she decided to take up that challenge and try to make the cake.  WhooHooooo!!!

(I stole this from her post!)

Would you just look at that beauty!!!  I begged her to blog about it, and she did.   You've just got to go over there and read it.   She's my hero now!!  Click on over to This Talk Aint Cheap and read all about it.  And, if you try this sinful cake yourself, DO come back and let me know about it!   I'm not kidding,'s soooo delicious!   Thank you so much Carolyn for taking on the challenge...and conquering it!  You da woman now!


  1. It was so much fun to take on a baking challenge. Maybe I need to refocus my efforts and become the Queen of Solving Cooking Disasters.

  2. is a puzzle...I make a butterscotch buntd cake made with butterscotch chips..when finished baking the chips have all sunken to the bottom of cake...I then scrape the bottom out of the pan and spoon onto's always a hit...I call it my Mistake Cake...any solutions???

    1. I've heard if you toss your chips in flour and then pour in it helps with that "falling feeling" to the bottom of the pan. I can't vouch for it though. Anybody else know for sure?


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