Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Election That Broke My Heart

Yes, I said broke my heart.  Oh, not because of the outcome.  Not that one person won or that the other person didn't.  It wasn't even the nasty campaigning and debates that we endured (even though they were quite disgusting).  What surprised me and then broke my heart, was the "we the people".

We all had our favorite.  We all stood up on soap boxes from time to time.  But this election, more than any other elections I've witnessed was different.  I'd see tweets for one candidate or the other that would be met with a fire storm of hateful tweets.  I'd see comments on facebook that some were going to un-friend people because they didn't vote for their guy.  In all fairness, I need to say that some were kidding, and I knew who they were but others, well, they were not.  I couldn't help thinking about the 90's and Sarajevo/ Bosnia. The article didn't talk about politics behind the upheaval, but rather the way the people treated each other during this time.  It broke my heart the same way this election did.  The interviewee was speaking how people who had been neighbors and friends turned to enemies simply because one believed one way and the other did not.  And I felt so bad for the poor actress that dared support one man and soon bore the brunt of vicious words. I just wanted to yell, "People!  Stop it!"  Our country is great because we can respect each other's beliefs even if they're not like ours.  We can (at least I think we can) agree to disagree.   I just had to share my heart today.   My heart is still aching...and I really do wish I could "teach the world to sing in perfect harmony"

Let's all be sweet, okay?


  1. Dear Jeanette,harmony in the world would be so nice, but alas I don't think it will ever be.
    A friend once asked me who I vote for. I said to her,I never tell anyone because everyone thinks they are right. What would be the point of discussing politics as I would only be told I'm wrong. That way we keep our friends.

  2. Thanks for sharing. and thanks for putting that song in my head. I love that song. I think Coke needed to bring back that commercial during the campaign.

    1. Don't you just love it when you get a song in your head and can't stop?! LOL I still remember seeing that commercial. They did do a remake, but I think you're right, campaign time would be a great time to revive that song! :-)

  3. I think we all need to step back & consider the truth. There is only one person who decided would win & he is bigger than Democrates & Republicans. He is bigger & greater than you & I. Their was only one being who knew from the beginning what the outcome was going to be. Belivers (or non-belivers) God knew whom he had choosen & knew the out come. How many more times do we have to keep breaking his heart before we are willing to admit that HE controls our life. He is the GREAT I AM, WE NEED TO DRAW CLOSER TO HIM FORGIVE OUR NEIGHBORS & ALL JUST GET ALONG. We break his heart every day but he loves us unconditionally why don't we give it a try. Be blessed in all you do Janice Maiolatesi

  4. I was surprised to find that you feel the same as I do. I am very discusted with the American people that display anger toward our President. Whether he was your choise or not, he is our President and we should stand behind him. Pray for him and ask God to guide him. He does not make decissions on his own, but he is solely blamed. If we stand joined togelther, we are very strong, but divided we fail.


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