Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tribute to a soldier I don't know

Today a young soldier was brought home.  I didn't know him, but felt a connection.  As I found out, others did too.   This morning when I got up (the tv had been left on all night) and the news was on.  There was a family making signs to honor David Croft.  A young soldier who had been killed in battle.  The girl interviewed put it perfectly:  "I don't know him, but today we're all family".   Maybe he wanted to go, maybe he didn't. But the fact is, he was there.  He was there defending freedom for freedom's sake.

I've never done this kind of thing before, but my sister called me and said some of the family were going to meet at Brandon Farms (my family's vegetable stand) on Hwy 60 just outside Brandon to pay tribute to David Croft as they brought his body "home"  to Plant City, and did I want to come.  I said I'd be there.   On my way, I saw a sight that brought tears to my eyes.  There were pockets of people at every intersection. There to pay tribute and say "thank you".  

I remember the end part of the Viet Nam war.  Enough said?  For those old enough to remember it was a different world then.  Our heroes weren't greeted with thank you's, but rather, were barraged with insults. I was so touched to see the outpouring of respect and thankfulness for his sacrifice. 

I just learned from someone that his platoon was to come home tomorrow, and he was coming home to get married.  My heart aches for his family.  Such a sacrifice.

It is my hope that everyone make a special effort, whenever we see one of "our" servicemen, whatever branch, including police, firemen... to say a "thank you".

These guys were pulling up the rear.  If you click on the picture to enlarge it you'll see they were all wearing combat fatigues.


  1. ANY TIME I see a blog with a mention of their husband being in the service I always tell them thank you from our family, not just for their spouses sacrifice but the entire family's sacrifice.

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  2. I'm so sad for his family. I wasn't there for the Vietnam war but I think its very rude to be insulting anyone, especially someone potentially giving up their lives to serve the country, even if the bigger picture of why the war was happening for as long as it was, was in poor taste. Sending prayers and healing thoughts to his family:)

    stopped by from sits:)

  3. Wow. We had the same sort of parade here at home last year for one of our fallen friends. It just changes your heart and makes you so proud.
    My heart goes out to those sad~

  4. Wow very touching!! Glad you got ot be a part of honoring him!!
    I too ache for his family

  5. Thank you! Just the fact that you would take the time to dedicate a post to a soldier means alot to a soldiers wife.
    You don't know how much things like this mean to the military community.

    Stopping by from SITS

  6. As the daughter of a soldier and the wife of a retired airman and a child of the Viet Nam era, thank you.

  7. What a touching post and an even more touching gesture. Seeing that sort of support just gives me goosebumps. You did a good thing.

  8. Thanks for sharing very special and a beautiful tribute indeed. "All family" I like that!

  9. Thanks for the reminder. Just looking at the photos made me choke up. My husband has ridden in a couple funeral processions with a group of motorcyclists who call themselves The Patriot Guard. They organize whenever there is a military funeral within 100 miles.

    It's important that we keep these families in our hearts and minds because they are truly the only ones making sacrifices for these wars.

  10. thank you for this beautiful made me cry...but it doesn't take much when soldiers are mentioned. My son has been in the Army for 4 years and did one 13 month tour in Iraq. He is currently stationed in Georgia, and we pray each day he will not be deployed again. God Bless our Troops!

  11. What an amazing way to thank him for his service. I think I would've been crying the whole time, thinking that one day that could be my child.


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