Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sort of a Wordless Wednesday - Pictures from the wedding

Wordless Wednesday - sorta!
This past Saturday was the wedding for my cousin, who is also a member of the "Real Women Eat" group.  It was an outdoor wedding at a bed and breakfast in Auburndale, FL called Town Manor.

It was so beautiful and drenched in the fresh smell of orange blossoms!  A note of warning if you want to find this place...  don't blink!   You'll pass right by it if you're not careful, (ask me how I ---and several other guests ahead of us-- know!)

The wedding was held at 4:30 pm and, sorry I don't have more pictures to share but we were all facing the sun so most of the pictures of the wedding party turned out to be shadow figures with my poor little camera.

I just thought it was funny to see everyone shielding their eyes. (Thank you Town Manor for providing the fans)

I did shoot a good one of her coming down the aisle with her dad (my uncle)

ooooh  that dress was gorgeous!

and, a group of some of the cousins together at the reception...

in front- left to right:  Donna, Darlene
in back - left to right:  me, Karen, and Kim.
like any good Southern wedding, in those goblets?  Iced Tea!


  1. It looks like it was a wonderful event! I am just a sucker for weddings and wedding pictures.

  2. Now I am dying to know what orange blossoms smell like! What a beautiful wedding and bride!


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