Monday, May 30, 2011

Pantry Challenge Wrap Up

The Pantry Challenge is over...

How did you do?  Were you able to finish the whole (almost) week?  If not, no biggie.  It was just a fun little challenge.  I hope you didn't fret over it.     There weren't too many participating, so I debated whether to go through the setting up, of the link-up.  There was even one who said she was going to play along with us that didn't own a blog.  So, unless you all want differently, we'll just all "check in" in the comments.  Ok?   Maybe next time we'll have more participating and we'll do the link-up, linky thingy. 

I think I had an un-fair advantage.  I just started a strict and very specified-ingredient diet, so I had gone to the grocery store a few days before we were supposed to start. (sorry guys!) Ok, following my own advice and not fretting over it...  sigh.   I'm planning another Pantry Challenge in September.  Maybe by then we'll have a better handle on it?     At any rate, I wanted to share some links with you.  These are sites that will not only help in our next challenge but now.

I'm sad to say, after checking on the one I used to use quite often it now seems to be dead. Aaaargh!  It was called Cooking By Numbers.   But there are still sites that you can get recipes for ingredients you have on hand.   One being:

I'm sure if you Goggle it you can come up with more.  Do you have a fave site like these?  Please share with us! 

Was there a particularly ingenious way you used on-hand ingredients this past week?  Fill us in!

Don't forget, September, hopefully promises to be better and we can do this again with more participants.   We can all gain useful information from each other!   If you are considering hosting a Pantry Challenge, then, by all means let us know! :-)

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  1. Jeanette,
    I did the challenge. We did buy a fresh chicken for lunch on Sunday, yesterday. I used so many things in the freezer and pantry. I did not realize I had stored away so much stuff. I made chicken and noodles, Turkey chili, fried fish(someone had given us some frozen fish filets they had caught), ham and green peppers and tomatoes and onions(this is a recipe paul made up years ago), barbeque chicken legs, & one night we had leftovers. I see a pattern here that I buy a lot of poultry, but freeze it.
    Thanks for helping me in cleaning out our freezer. I still have chicken breasts left. believe it of not.
    Mary Dery


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