Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love Homework

This week I'm participating in the LOVE homework Challenge.   I met Charli from Man, Wife & Dog  on twitter when she was one of the featured blogs on #CommentHour. (I just love her!) And then, snooping around her blog I found out she does a weekly writing challenge called Love Homework .  Every Tuesday, (you should totally check it out) she has a new assignment.  If it looks like something you'd like to participate in, then take on the assignment, go back and link up your post and share.    This week her assignment was to write about a first you shared together.

Immediately I thought of flying...  I have had this intense fear of flying. And 9/11 did nothing to help that.  So, therefore I refused to fly.   (The "how" of working through this fear is saved for another post). 

My man travels a lot for business and I could've gone on several of these trips but no...

About 4 years ago I was taking on the job of closed captioning for our church's TV program.  They needed to send me and Andy, the minister of technology to California for training on this new equipment we'd need.  Gulp!  That's clear on the other side of the country!   Ok, long story, short.  I went.   But had this nagging feeling that if I could fly to California (from Florida) with someone else, then I surely could...or should... be flying with my husband.  Well, partly because my hubby would jokingly say "You can fly with another man, but not your own husband"  LOL  (I need to add Andy is a friend of both of us, a soon-to-be-father, married to beautiful Dena ...and a minister of the gospel - so, yes, he was just joking)

So, my first plane trip with my husband was to Colorado.

We landed in Denver, drove down to Durango and stayed in an 1800's hotel and rode the Silverton railroad. 
I saw a sign that said Wyoming 70 miles, so we said "why not?"  LOL.   Even went into Wyoming!   

I saw a cattle drive.  A real live cattle drive! And elk!  There were hundreds...on a golf course and in people's yards.  We were two of many people stopping their cards to shoot pictures of them.  

My husband took lots and lots of pictures and kept saying "You're in Colorado!"  "You are in Col-o-ra-do!"  He was genuinely excited to be showing me things and, well, just having me with him.  It was real.  This meant a lot to him. More than I even realized.  (Yeah, I think he really loves me. )  Since then, we've taken trips (flights) to New England, back to California, and New York but he still refers to the most special trip as the Colorado trip. Our first together.  All these years of marriage and only recently I've started joining him in seeing our beautiful country.  Oh what I've missed.  But more importantly, the realization that he wanted to share all of that with me, saying it wasn't worth seeing if he wasn't seeing it with me.  Now girls, that's just gotta melt your heart.  And to think, he's all mine
P.S.   Thanks to this trip, I started collecting ball caps!  I've never worn 'em before. 
See what this whole thing has started?   LOL

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