Monday, May 23, 2011


Today starts the Pantry Challenge.  Are you in? 

Can you live out of the pantry, freezer and 'frige for one week?

Here's the details: You may spend only $10.00 for food stuff. Period. The rest of the meals, snacks, whatever have to be from what's on hand in the house.

If you want to play along, leave a comment here. And don't forget to come back! I'll will have a link-up set up on the following Monday so you can brag...or confess... about your conquests. If you have to break down and go grocery shopping. No shame in that, just include us in the whole ordeal!

Important: I realize some of my followers do not have a blog. That's ok. If you can't link up your post, leave a comment and let us know how you did.

Also, just so we're not looking into our pantry and seeing only creamed corn and potato chips, and in the freezer some ground beef. (all hypothetical, of course!) if you need help coming up with recipes for what you have on hand, comment on it and let's all help each other out with some ideas or recipes.

Sound like fun? This is going from Monday to Sunday (yeah, I know, not a full week, but almost) On the Monday after that, I'll put up a linky-loo and we can all link up and tell how our week went.

So, who's in? I'll be doing PANTRY CHALLENGEs through the year, so if you didn't get in on this one, just keep checking back.

Oh, and if you do decide to play along on the challenge, and you have a blog, be sure to put the button on your blog to link back here. The more the merrier!

This is a "for fun" party.  If you have to deviate from the oh-so-NOT-rules, don't sweat it.  Life happens.  Just play along, and tell us how you did.  There are no cash prizes, so there's nothing at stake if you can't complete it.  Just play, have fun and learn from others!  I plan on it! 

So, leave your comment below, let us know who who is playing, have fun and Monday come back and link up.  Oh!  Don't forget to take the "Pantry Challenge" button and post on your blog if you have one so everybody can share in the fun!

Ok, I'm off to finish my inventory! 


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun but I have to say I might have an unfair advantage especially since we just took a cow to the butcher :)

  2. I have to do this once in awhile when the month is longer than the paycheck!! May is heck with graduations, wedding showers, birthdays, etc. I will accomplish this a half week. I'll have to go shopping tomorrow for a camping trip this weekend!!


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