Wednesday, May 2, 2012

National Day of Prayer and Prayer Request Tuesday is back

Today is the National Day of Prayer and I figure it's as good a time as any to reinstate  Prayer Request Tuesday.

Yes.  I realize it is Thursday and not Tuesday.  (great big smile).  But what better day to make my announcement than on the day set aside for prayer?
In case you're curious why I'm bringing Prayer Request Tuesday back, it all had to do with an email I got.  But first, maybe I should let you know why I ever stopped?
Prayer Request Tuesday had been running for some time, but I noticed the few comments had dwindled down to...none.  Could it be no one was interested?  Everybody was "all prayed up"?  Maybe my readers felt that this was uncalled for in the blogosphere?  I didn't know, but from the lack of comments I just figured nobody wanted it.  Then....
I received an email that convicted me and at the same time gave me a wake-up call.  Can I share it with you?  (the sender will remain anonymous)
" I'm sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. I'm pinning recipes and here's an invitation from someone willing to pray for me without even knowing me. What grace! (........)

Thank you. God bless you and your prayer time. "
I should add, that my word for 2012 was "grace"!  I had taken this time devoted to anyone who had a need or a desire to pray for someone else in the comments, and turned it into a popularity contest, for lack of a better description.  (If you don't comment, then you must not like it)
So, after that email which I have had saved for some time now while doing some serious soul searching, Prayer Request Tuesday will be back.

I have been wanting to make a haven for ladies.  To find support, love, and acceptance through lowering or walls and allowing each other to be real...without fear of rejection.  Don't worry, you'll still hear my sometimes craziness, recipes, crafts and all the other "stuff" you're used to.  But I want to make this blog about you too.  Where you're always welcome,  and belong.

Now, don't misunderstand,  I don't claim to hold any special "powers" or any special standing with our Creator.  And I do not intend to bring up doctrines.  There is no "my way is best, and yours is lacking"  here.  
Life comes at us hard and fast and sometimes there are seasons where it's harder and faster and I know I, for one, need to know there are others who have my (spiritual) back... who care enough to remember me in their prayers.  And, there are times when I've received an answer to prayers and just want to share.  That can be done here too.   Not only is Prayer Request Tuesday for prayer/praise, but if you feel led, then by all means, pray for one another.  The requests are there, pick one that speaks to your heart, or pray for all.  (where there are two or more gathered in my name....)

So, on Tuesdays there will be no other posts other than the Prayer Request Tuesday.  Also, I print out the prayer requests on Wednesday morning and remove the names so they're anonymous and give a copy to other people who have since asked to be prayer partnering with this day (they don't have computer access). One being my mother who is a great "prayer warrior".

Thank you for listening.


  1. I really hope you get a good response to this. xx

  2. May I ask for one today..since it's National Day of
    Prayer..or just because there is a need? My grandson just woke up with 102.4 fever;( His name is Cruz and he is 2. God bless y'all ><>

  3. I am so glad you brought back Prayer Request Tuesday. :) I know I get very sidetracked but when I see your posts on Tuesday, it definitely makes me stop and remember my "real" purpose. Praying for Dena G's Grandson

  4. Amen sister! So glad you were lead to bring it just never know who is out there reading and listening, right?! Tuesday is my busy day plus I go to moms n touch that morning, so I guess I must have missed your prayer tuesdays, but I think prayer is always a good idea!!!


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