Thursday, February 25, 2010

A great mail day!

Remember the One World One Heart giveaway I did before Valentine's Day? You know, the one where my giveaway was the quilted wall hanging. Well I also entered some, (no, make that a ton!) of giveaways too. There were way over 1,000 participating!

Anyway, I won two separate giveaways! One was from the US, the other... Luxembourg! Wow, this certainly was world wide!

The first to arrive was Grandma Betty's body butter bar. I've never seen this in any store. Maybe I've been living under a rock, but... It's solid, and you just rub between your hands to get the oils to the surface. I immediately tested it. With the cold Florida weather we've been having, my hands were u-g-l-y! It was a nice subtle gardenia scent and I could smell it all day.
Betty also included some homespun ribbons. She said she was thinking of offering these in her artfire shop and wanted some honest feedback. Y-E-S! I don't know why I never thought of it. I think it would be especially neat in muted tans, ecrus, etc. to blend in with other ribbons and baubles. So I say "go for it!"

And arriving today was from Luxembourg was my package from Natacha from A storm inside my head. These are so precious! They're in French, and from what very-limited understanding I have of the language, Ange is French for angel. She sent two different soldered glass framed pieces. I really like these, and think I might dress 'em with with some ribbons and strings. Not sure, just thinking out loud. LOL

I just love getting packages in the mail, don't you? These were fun and I thank you two ladies for the great giveaways! I am going to enjoy them!!!


  1. I've wanted to try a body butter bar, seems pretty creative. Congrats on your two OWOH wins! I won two also and received the first one from the UK today, how cool is that!

  2. what lovely wins!!
    i had to laugh at your previous post, god some people are D.U.M.B.

  3. Hi Jeanette,

    That was pretty quick, wasn't it?!
    I am so glad you like them.
    Hope to see you again,

    Natacha from Luxembourg

  4. Thank you Jeanette so much for the post! You also take great pictures! The muslin ribbon and string is available in my Artfire shop:

    And of course the body butters are available in my Artfire shop and at my website:

    Thanks again for the post and I am so glad you like the body butter!

  5. Hi Jeanette. I'm following you back from Friday Follow. This looks like a fun place to be! Thanks for stopping by Simply Sweet Home. Hope to see you again soon!

  6. Ooooh the body butter sounds amazing! I love love getting packages and checks. haha

  7. How exciting!! I love getting Good Mail!

    You know, if you like getting international things, you should check out Swap Bot!


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