Monday, July 13, 2009

Cupcake Day!

Ok, today I decided to try two, count 'em TWO!!!! cupcakes. The first is a lemon meringue type cupcake and the second a cream stuffed chocolate cupcake, kinda like that hostess dohickey. Since they were all from scratch, it took me pretty near the whole afternoon to finish 'em!

I've gotta say, they were yummy! I think my fave, though, was the lemon one. Not that I don't like chocolate, but I'm just a vanilla kind of girl. You can "dress it up" so many different ways! LOL. I'm pooped now. so, note to self: only try one new recipe per day! LOL

The chocolate ones... see? I ate one!

My friend, Tara, said the frosting looked like something her dog left in the yard - and I was thinking the same thing! Next time - spatula spread or closed star tip, not open! LOL

and now for the lemon meringue type cupcakes.... the "meringue" was actually 7-minute frosting. I just love that frosting. Takes me back to my childhood.

I've always said that I don't like "store bought" cakes and it's really because of the frosting. I didn't even eat my wedding cake! I'm known by my friends as a "dessert snob" and I guess it does fit. Usually I'll scrape the frosting off of things I eat, but I could just sit down and spoon this stuff in my mouth! LOL!!!

Oh, and get a load of the cool cupcake papers! I ordered 'em on line. They hold more, and I noticed they were "done" at different times than the regular cupcake papers. (Hubby said, don't use these any more, just go with the "get 500 in a packet from the grocery store kind"! I told him he just didn't know how to hold it! LOL


  1. ok my kids and I are drooling over you cupcakes!!Not to mention they are loving the cupcake song!

  2. Thanks Rita! Glad you visited! (the lemon meringue cupcakes were my absolutely fave!) I have to give 'em away or I'd eat 'em all! LOL


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