Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday was "Merry Christmas Day in July". It's my self-appointed holiday! Truth be told, I start thinking about December 25th on the 26th! I start planning for the next year the very next day! But, to accommodate every one else's sanity, I don't breath a carol, and maybe not a word, that is until July 25th. Then it's a pull-out-the-stops-and-get-ready time! LOL I love Christmas. First and formost because it is the time we have chosen to celebrate my Savior's birth. And secondly, it's all the fun! I love the parties, the festivities and the "feel in the air". I like how people's attitudes change (mostly for the better) and I love giving gifts!!! No question about it, one of my love languages is "gifts". LOL! I missed posting yesterday, so today, please accept my whole-hearted Christmas greetings...early!

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