Monday, July 20, 2009


Ok, here's the scoop. My friend, Kim, asked me to do Mexican recipes and review them on my blog. I don't typically "do" Mexican, but that got me springboarding to a "FOOD CHALLENGE" !!! Why not, right? I'll post a challenge and we have all month to create something utilizing that challenge. Once a month we'll have a new challenge, and possibly a prize!!! YooHoo!!! These have to be "TNT" (Tried-N-True) recipes. You've made 'em, tested 'em, and nobody died as a result. You can e-mail the recipes to me, AND TAKE PICTURES!!!! and send the pics too. I'll post 'em. That's my best method until I learn more about this little blog critter here. How's that.
who's up for a challenge?

Let's finish out July with "Mexican" and help Kim out!


  1. I'm in! I have a fantastic recipe for Smothered Enchiladas that's quick and easy and tastes great!!! I got it out of a Southern Living cookbook (these recipes don't have to be ones we made up do they? If so, I'm in trouble! I'm not good at "making up" my own recipes!).

  2. Darlene - no, as long as credit is given. I'll accept anything. I'm just calling all these "submitted by" anyway, unless you tell me it's your own creation. Thanks for the recipe!


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