Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yesterday I went to my favorite local "kitchen store", the Rolling Pin for some specific sugars to complete a special cupcake I'm trying to perfect, which in the coming weeks will post about on my sister blog Real Women Eat. They had some samples out. Now I love a good dip/spread (mostly because they're great party foods - and I love a party!) and this is what I saw!

I love sun dried/roasted tomatoes and if you add Goat Cheese to anything I'm in! I tasted, and I had to own it!

They served theirs with bread. And while there's a lot to be said about bread, namely "YUM", in order to ease my conscience, I ate mine with whole grain crackers.

While they aren't bread, they were good anyway. And it helped ease my conscience! LOL

Now for a few of the goodies I actually went in the store for! See the Cup-a-Cake on the left? I had been eyeing these on the internet. These at the Rolling Pin were the same price...AND I didn't have to pay shipping. WooHoo! It holds an individual cupcake, and I mean holds. It kinda locks in place and doesn't shift around. But don't try to put a jumbo cupcake in it with gobs of icing. I'm still glad I bought one. Now to play with it!

Well, that's it for my Rolling Pin adventure, now to actually do something with the stuff I bought.
(oh, and from the colors of the sugar you can see, any guess as to what kind of cupcake I'm trying to perfect???)

Until next time.... Be Sweet!


  1. what a cute name for a kitchen place. hope your cup cakes turn out :) have a great weekend.

  2. cant wait to see the end product. i need to get into some cupcake making too, but not with kids around cause they just get in the way :)
    %*_*% rosey

  3. It is 5 a.m. and now I am craving some of that dip! Yum! I wonder if they would airmail me some?....

  4. Hi there - I'm stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party.

    Your blog is absolutely adorable! And that dip looks like fab. I'm totally craving something cheesy and yummy now :)

    Have fun with your cupcake goodies!


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