Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Allow me to introduce Real Women Eat

Have you been to my "other" blog?  If so, then you might be wondering who these "real" women are over at Real Women Eat.  I thought I'd share a picture of us.

This was the day of our "Cook-N-Critique".  You really should go on over to Real Women Eat, and read!
We have loads of fun.  Hey, what could be better?  We have an excuse to party!  LOL  Next month we've "cooked" up a great Cook-N-Critique, and it's at Buttercream's house!


  1. nice to put a face to the creator of my gorgeous hope angel! you all look so happy, i bet there is a whole lot of laughing on the nights you get together.

  2. you are too cute! btw, got my lovely lil longaberger today!!!!!! looooove it:) and it even matches with the yellow dress i just bought... it was DESTINY that brought me and that bag together:) LOL!!

    happy easter ♥
    p.s. thanks for those sweet stickers too, u rock!


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