Monday, March 22, 2010

Storage ideas in the Kitchen

Do you have an unusual amount (I think they call that a "collection"  LOL) of cookie cutters?  I store mine in make that gigantic... cookie jars.  I got one somewhere, but found more at Old Time Pottery.  I have two gigantic ones and one medium size one.  If I buy just one more cookie cutter, I'll have to break out the medium size one!  I like the clear jars so I can see my cookie cutters.

The one on the far left, (you an see green in there) houses the "holiday" cookie cutters (which, except for a few hearts and a carrot for Easter, is mostly Christmas).

And here's where I put my "stash" of scrubbies and dish towels...


So I was playing around trying to decide if I wanted to "change things up a bit" in my kitchen.   I have limited counter space and that being said, things can become cluttered looking fast in there.

This is what that corner looks like.

See those things stacked on top of each other next to the mixer?  Those are one of the best kitchen purchase I've made from QVC!  The bottom (blue) one holds my aluminum foil and the top holds my plastic wrap.  I am now able to wrap things with plastic wrap without all that clinging to itself and un-even rips! Perfect every time.  I used to visit a sandwich shop that had a larger version of this and wished they made something like that for "us common folks".   Now they do!!!!  I really like it and want them to come out with a longer one now!
Ok, getting back on track... (yes, my conversations in real life bounce all over the place too!)

So I'm thinking, well, what if I put the Cookie Jars by the Kitchen Aid?

as opposed to where they were... (look back up to the cluttered kitchen, see there on the left by the microwave?)
hmmm...  What about this?

But that didn't accomplish much, just added to gigantic cookie jars.

So then I removed not only the plastic wrap and aluminum foil do-hickies, but the Kitchen Aid and got this:
Not thrilled with that either.  Besides that, I have no place for the wrap thingies (the drawers are too small to house 'em)  and I NEED my Kitchen Aid at the ready and not filed away somewhere so...

Back goes the cookie jars, and back goes the Kitchen Aid and the wrap do-hickies to their original spots!    ROFL!!!
But it was fun, right?


  1. love the idea of glass cookie jars as holders for the cookie cutters... I have mine stored in a giant rubbermaid one, but its out of sight...

  2. I have the same problem! I too, have lots of cookie cutters. Ive had most of mine since my kids were little. I had put them away. Im so glad now that I didnt get rid of them because I pulled them back out to make cookies for my little granddaughter for Valentine's Day and my daughter asked me the other day if I would make her some for Easter(I had already planned to) I need to get some clear jars to store mine it like you have! They are in plastic buckets in my cabinets. Cant wait for my little granddaughter to get big enough to help with the cookie making, she will love using all the cookie cutters!

  3. I just love those glass containers. I have one for my flour. I love the idea of storing cookie cutters in them! Both decorative and functional.

  4. i love creative storage containers!

  5. That was fun watching you mix and match and then go back to the beginning. So my life:)

  6. i'm so loving your kitchen. it looks so un-cluttered. you should see mine :(

    shuttling in from SITS:)

  7. You crack me up. I do this all the time and just about always end up the same as before.

  8. Don't you just hate when you do tons of work and then go with the original? I can so relate.

    Love the colors of your blog btw!

  9. i like the cookie cutter idea. i dont have a lot of space either. i have a hutch that houses some of my kitchen items. we do what we can right :)

  10. Great minds think alike. I have that exact large jar filled with cookie cutters. It originally started out in my home as a terrarium. And as all terrariums do around here it got overgrown and I got tired of it and emptied it out. Then I became Christmas decor with fake snow and little building and trees in it. After the Christmas empty I was going to use for dog treats but hubs said way to big for the spot we keep them in. It set empty until about 2 or 3 weeks ago when i decided my jar I was using to store my collection of old and new cookie cutters was just to cramped.

  11. I have an obsession with cookie cutters and currently have them conveniently stored in a giant ziploc bag. ridiculous, right? I like your way better!

  12. I am looking at my kitchen in a whole new light. I have a very large counter top...but it is not at all useful. I need some clever storage ideas. I found some. Thanks!

  13. My cookie cutters are in a ziploc bag in the basement. Your idea is much nicer!

    Please link your Christmas Ornament Exchange party. Every party is welcome.


  14. Hi Jeanette, You have such a cute blog, I will take time and read more of it soon! I saw your comment on the Fancy Flea! Hoping to make it there in May.
    Have a good one!
    Jackie L}

  15. I like your storage ideas, Jeanette. I might use the towel storage idea - they seem to float around a lot in my cabinets.

  16. Just swinging by to say Happy Friday!


  17. Stopping by from Friday follow off to read more ...hope ur having a gr8 weekend !!

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