Monday, March 15, 2010

Organizing My Recipes from magazines

I don't know if you're like me, but I can't pass up a magazine that has a great looking whatever on the cover. Usually it's a dessert that catches my eye, but other foods too. And usually there's really only a few recipes I really like in it.

I used to keep all those magazines, but that gets out of hand way too soon. Then, if you just tear 'em out of the magazine, where do you keep them? I started doing notebooks probably 20 years ago. I've even taken pages out of cookbooks (though not very many!) that I knew I'd never make anything out of but a few dishes and put in my notebooks. I put 'em in page protectors (I like to use the heavy duty ones). In the "BiteSized Confections", I have dividers in for bars - n - brownies, candy - n- cookies, cupcakes - n- muffins, Dips - n - Spreads, Snack Mixes... you get the idea.

Recently I told someone that's what I did and they looked at me like I had just invented the cure for the common cold. Now, I know I'm not the first person on the planet to think of this, but if it was news to that person, perhaps there are other people who could use this information.
So there you go. Go forth and book-it! LOL

and here they are, all nestled in with my other cookbooks in the kitchen cupboard.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, no, that's not all the cookbooks I have! LOL Isn't it funny, the one labeled "meals" is skinnier than the sweets ?!? ROFL!!!
Oh, do you see the shorter lavendar notebook further to the right? That's one that I have written recipes in! (I'm a notebook nut!)
Also, within reach in the kitchen (which is the central hub for the family, right?) I have a notebook with sections for business cards of people like a painter, handyman, yard-guy, etc.,

take-out menus.....

owner's manuels for small appliances and gadgets (that I can never remember how to operate!)

Notice it's not pretty colors like the recipe ones? I don't think my hubby would use it if it was one of those "girlie" colors. I'm so proud of him when he goes to the black notebook to order his pizza on "race day"! I put it all together and he's learned where to look. He thinks I'm smart. I like that.

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  1. Great idea for the recipes, Jeanette! The only notebook I have is for small appliances and gadgets...I also like the idea for the menus. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I have 1 notebook with all my magazine recipes shoved in there.... I NEED TO ORGANIZE IT... I think separate notebooks for each "category" is the way to go.... or we could go the other route, just rip the recipes out of magazines and leave them on the kitchen counter for 1 week .... that also works...

  3. Will you please come to my house and organize my stuff like that! No, I never thought of that. what a great idea.

    Seriously tho...would you come over and .... :P

  4. How very organized you are - I need to do this, i have mine in folders right now.

  5. Tonight is my first time reading your blog. I am visiting from the Social Parade. I absolutely love this post about your binders. What an amazing idea!


  6. This is a wonderful idea! I rip out recipes all of the time- only to misplace them moments later.

  7. Great Post. I been meaning to do something like this for everything, but I have been procrastinating.

  8. I just started my first recipe binder...Great inspiration!!!

  9. love this..i am so stealing your idea!! K?

  10. I've started that but haven't touched it in a while and now my problem is I have a stack of recipes from magazines about 6" thick and it's so overwhelming. Hmmmm, that might be a good job for the girls though. I'm feeling "mother/daughter" time coming on. Yes, mother/daughter time, here I come!!!!!


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