Sunday, March 28, 2010

Re-usable Shopping Tote from a jumper dress

So there I was at my fave vintage (a.k.a. thrift store) when I spied this cute jumper. 

(NOTE:   If you look closely, you'll see I decided to take a picture after I had already sewn the bottom (before cutting off) !

I'm constantly looking for "containers" to make gift baskets out of,  clothing  and linens - not for the clothing sake, but for what fabrics I can find, and embelishments I can scavenge off of them.  My favorite "gift basket" containers are boxy-type purses.  You know the vintage kind you never see a lady sporting these days?  They're the best!  LOL

Anyway, The straps on this jumper  just made me think of a tote bag so, I bought it for $1.69 and started to work on it.  Not much had to be done though, so it's a super-easy, and super-quick craftiness!

First I decided where I wanted the bottom to end, ironed a crease in it and cut the excess off (to be used in another project I'm sure - maybe a cosmetic case or something)

Did you notice I sewed it "right sides out"  instead of right's sides in?  Since I decided I didn't want to line it, I decided on "French seams".

Cut off the bottom.  I gave myself a 1/4 inch seam

ok, now for the "French" part (???)

I'm sure I won't do a good job explaining a French seam, so you have my permission to Google it  but basically the gist is ....
After you've sewn that line (with right sides out) and cut off the bottom, you want to turn the bag insided out and sew another bottom seam (making sure to catch the rough ends up in it).   Now you don't see any fuzzy ends, it all looks "finished".   See, I told you I would explain it very well. So, go ahead, google it.  There are all sorts of instructions out there for doing French seams.

So, that's my jumper/dress turned Tote Bag!

Be Sweet!


  1. This is sooooo cute! I love it, what a great idea. thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi, me again....What is the name of the vintage store? I'm always on the look out for a new one to visit? Thanx

  3. That is awesome! You are so crafty. I wish I were ! :)

  4. you so totally rock my clever friend!! btw love the name of your new blog!!

  5. I never would think to do something like that. I probably would not have given the jumper a second glance. The sewing seems easy enough...I am piddly beginner. haha. This is darling.

  6. That is so very creative!!
    Cute too!!

  7. Jeanette: I want a new sewing machine. What type do you use? Thanks, Joan

  8. Joan - I'm sorry I couldn't email you there wasn't an email address! I have a Janome 4000 sewing machine. I bought it from a private individual (and it was still kinda expensive) several years ago. I'd love to have an embroidery machine but, again... that's quite an investment (and a learning curve I don't have the time for right now! LOL).
    Good luck finding a machine you like.


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