Saturday, July 31, 2010

Country Bob's Sauce Review and Giveaway

Have y'all heard of this sauce?

If you've known my husband and myself for any length of time, you know that we like good BBQ.  Whenever my husband travels out of town on business, the first question he asks the "locals" is "Where can I get good barbeque?"  So, when I received an email from Al Malekovic from Country Bob's asking if I'd like to try their All Purpose sauce, I quickly shot back an answer -  YES!  I have read about Country Bob's all over the internet and wondered if this was worth trying. 

I received two bottles to try and give feedback. Immediately I thought "Oh no. What have I done?  What if I don't like it?"  Because you know I'd never lie to you and I'd only recommend something that I really believed in. 

I had a pork roast in the freezer, so I already had something to "try" it out on.   I just put the roast in the crockpot the next day.  I didn't put the Country Bob's sauce in with the pork roast, because I didn't want to "ruin" a perfectly good roast if we didn't like it.  Tonight I put half of the roast into a frying pan to shred the pork and heat up with the Country Bob's sauce and served BBQ sandwiches for dinner, telling my husband,  "if you don't like it, we can have the rest of the pork roast after church tomorrow with some good sauce". 

I have to say...we loved it, and ate every last bit of the first half of the roast!  I asked hubby to rate it on a scale of 1-10.  He gave it an 8.  That's saying a lot y'all!  Honestly, I gave it a 9.5!  If you've ever had eastern North Carolina clear mopping sauce, you'd understand! LOL (His family is from eastern North Carolina and their BBQ is different from any I've had elsewhere.) 

He commented on the taste, and I echo his comments:  there's a subtle hint of something sort of "citrus-y", and that's what we think sets it apart from the "off-the-shelf" sauces from the grocery store...and believe me, we've tried 'em all!   There's a "kick" to it, but it's not an over-powering heat. 

So my next question to him was "Should I put this in the second half of the roast for tomorrow?"   His answer:  "Definitely!"  I was given two bottles, and I'm thinking about doing baked beans with ground sirloin, onions, green pepper, brown sugar, Country Bob's Sauce....wouldn't that be yummy?  They also have a cookbook, but you can get some recipes right off their website too.

The most important thing to me was the comment (taken straight from their site)  It would be nice if we could claim responsibility for the success of the company, however, credit must be given where credit is due. Proverbs 16:3 says, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." We have placed true ownership of Country Bob, Inc. in the hands of God. "Christ is our CEO" and He is an Awesome Boss!

Ok, now that you've suffered through my long review (sorry) I have an announcement!  Country Bob's has offered to give two bottles to not one, but TWO people!  Yes,  two people with get two bottles of their sauce.  All you have to do is leave a comment, and if you give an idea of how you'd use it that would be great, but not necessary...but it would be great!  LOL

And, if you're not one of the two, I noticed tonight on their website, that you can click a button (I believe it's in the top right hand corner of their site) to get a free sample - so it's a win-win situation really!  Check out their recipes too!  

* The winners will be announced Friday, August 6th  *


  1. Awesome. I'd like to try it in grilled chicken
    Sign me up :-)
    -Jodi Harkins

  2. Oh definitely I would like to try some on ribs.

  3. LOL, we also ask where the best BBQ is anytime we travel!

  4. I am always up for trying something new!I love to cook . sounds great!

  5. I use Country Bob's when I saute mushrooms & onions!
    barbara.montyj at gmail dot com

  6. I am always trying to find something to kick-up my hamburgers and this would be something I would be interested in adding to them.
    On that note, any hamburger recipes, tips, or ideas would be greatly appreciated :)

  7. Well, I would love to win. I have some of our own farm raised pork ribs and beef ribs in the freezer waiting for Country Bob to pour on the sauce!

  8. My husband has actually taken a BBQ class with a competitive BBQ team, so I'm sure he'd find a way to use it.


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