Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So this is how I spent my morning....

(Strawberry and lemon turnovers)

What did you do?

I meant to put some aside to try and freeze them to see if they're "Freezer Worthy", but forgot and iced all of them. uh-oh!


  1. Those sound so yummy! I don't think any of them would make it to the freezer at my house!

  2. were busy gal! Those look yummy!!

    I came over from Shari's blog because I saw that you are a sunshine too! We are inland from Daytona Beach about 25 minutes. I was born here, raised here (Miami), and have lived here most of my 50 something years!

    Don't know where you are but I may be hosting a Central Florida bloggers lunch in the fall somewhere in the Orlando area. If you're interested, I will let you know, ok?

    Nice to meet you! Have a blessed day!

  3. they look very yummy - they wouldn't make it to my freezer either...

  4. Holy yes, these look and sound sooo good. It has come to my attention that you must ship them to Colorado immediately. (Don't forget the icing!)

  5. Cooking/Baking all day sounds like a FABULOUS day to me !!! Looks yummy!!


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