Tuesday, July 6, 2010


 Hello friends. How may I pray for you today?

(Sorry I am late posting this)

In a world that's so fast paced and uncertain, sometimes we feel like we're going it alone. Tuesday is a day I have set aside for you. I want to remember you in my prayers. I don't claim to have any special powers, or any special favor with our heavenly Father. Just a love for the Lord and you, my friends.

If you have a prayer request please leave a comment. You don't have to give any information you don't want to. And if you'd rather just leave a comment stating "unspoken", that's fine.

I want you to know that you will be prayed for, not only by me, but anyone who desires to touch heaven for you on this day too. If you'd like to also pray, then please, pray for the person's comment above yours.

Have a blessed day.


  1. Hi Jeanette! I know you and I "spoke" of this already, but I'm going to put it here, too! Please pray for my father-in-law. His cancer has come back and is rather aggressive. I truly believe in the power of prayer, so all prayers are welcome!

    Thanks so much. May God bless you always!



  2. Hi Jeanette! Can you please pray for my ex-husband, who is also my children's daddy, he is currently deployed to the middle east. It's his third deployment, but he's having a harder time this time than before. He can use some prayer.

    Also, for safe travel for my parents as they are driving cross country to see my sister and I who both live on the east coast! :)




I love your sweet comments and read them all. Please let me know you were here!


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