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Hey y'all, I want to introduce you to another friend! Tammy and I met on Blogfrog, and we share tweets back and forth too. This is the second in a series of Friday Guest Posts. I hope you'll come back each Friday anticipating a new friend introduction! She's sharing some excellent looking, yummilicious gifts from her kitchen...i.e., recipes! Be sure to check out her blog, she's been having some great giveaways lately in celebration of her new blog name!

Hi everyone! Tammy here from Not Just Paper and Glue. I want to thank Jeanette for inviting me to stop in today and share some of my projects with all of her friends.

Not Just Paper and Glue started out in December 2006 as a place to show off my scrapbook pages and talk about some of the fun things that happen around our little farm. Today you will find everything from scrapbooking to cheesemaking, handmade cards to homemade soap, wild flowers to tame sunsets and cool crafts to fresh hot bread - because life is not just about paper and glue; it's a whole lot more!

One of the things I love to do is create homemade meals for my family. Of course, with our hectic schedules this is not always possible. Over the years I have found that taking a day and cooking ahead helps to make the hectic days a little more tolerable. It is also nice when you have unexpected guests.

One of my family’s favorite meals is this Breakfast Pizza. You can really make it your own and put as little or as much as you want in here. It is definitely a comfort food that puts a smile on the faces that are seated at the dinner table.

I am not much of a milk drinker. I know, strange for a gal who is raised on a farm with dairy animals. Anyway, with all of the milk that we usually have around here, I like to try my hand at making different type cheeses. I have always wanted to make hard cheese but never have gotten around to it – yet.

Chevre is a wonderful yet easy cheese to make and when I have a lot of extra milk, this is the cheese to make. This cheese also freezes quite nicely and will keep for about 3 months.

 Chevre – a Taste of France!   (click on link to see in detail)

It doesn’t look like much in the picture above, but you oughta taste it when I used it to make this desert!

{Utterly Divine} Sweet Chevre Desert
(Click on link above to see in detail)

At my house, when I bake cookies, you can guarantee they will be gone in no time. While my family loves my cookies, they don’t need all that sugar in a short amount of time so what I do is after they are baked and cooled I divide them up in to quart size freezer bags and freeze. I leave just enough out to make the family “think” they have eaten them all and then when a  craving for momma’s cookies hits, then I can just pull out a bag; let them defrost; and the family is happy again.

Here is my families favorite chocolate chip cookie -

Shopping List:

3/4 c butter

1 c brown sugar

1 c white sugar

1/2 c creamy peanut butter

1/2 tsp salt

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

2 1/2 c flour

1 tsp baking soda

15 oz chocolate chips
Preheat oven to 350 degrees Beat butter, sugars, and peanut butter on medium until light and fluffy.

Blend in eggs and vanilla

Mix flour, baking soda, and salt.

Mix in chocolate chips

Drop by tablespoons onto ungreased baking sheet (I use baking stones) and bake for 12 minutes or until lightly browned.

Cool 2 minutes; remove from cookie sheet and "try" to get them onto the wire racks to finish cooling before the family eats them straight from the oven. :)

Thank you Jeanette for having me here today! You are definitely one sweet “southern” gal!


  1. How fun Tammy! I always enjoy you sharing recipes and the pictures are killers to me. I am so craving some chocolate chip cookies.
    Great post!

  2. Thank you so much for having me here today!

  3. Everything looks great. Super recipe.

    Plan B

  4. Mmm~! The cookie batter, only, looks simply delicious - and no, I'm not kidding, haha. You have one of the most adorable blog designs ever, serious; I love the colors. *follows* :)

    -Lola (blogfrog [SITS] member)


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