Saturday, September 18, 2010

Now I'm Five and I Can Go To Tea

I started a tradition with my first great-neice, Mackenzie.  When the girls turn five, for their birthday they go to a "big girl's" tea with me.  My tea room of choice has always been the Camellia Rose Tea Room in Plant City!  Mackenzie is the pro now.  She's been to two teas with aunt 'Nette.

There are four great-neices.   Now it's Winter's turn!

Today was my "now-I'm-five-and-I-can-go-to-tea-with-aunt-nette" day for Winter and I. She's the five year old - just in case you're not clear on that.  Oh, there's a "five" in my age too, but it's a long way from that! 
She was excited to see her name, not only on the sign, but on her placecard...

Her grandma, (or Neena as they call her) gave her instructions on how to use her best manors.
One was "big girls sit up straight and put their hands in their laps".

Before the tea I was a bit concerned that about midway through the tea she'd want her Neena.  She's like my sister's shadow and doesn't like to be away from her.  My sister told her that she had to on her best behavior.  To which she said "O.K.,  but what happens if I can't be?"     LOL

We told her last week about our "Tea with Aunt Nette", which is shear torture for a five year old.  It's like waiting for Christmas!   She put her little hand over her heart and said "Oh Neena,  my heart and me want to go to tea with Aunt Nette so bad!"

Right here, out of the clear blue, she says to our server:  "Excuse me"  and then asks "Can we sing a song?"   And then proceeds to sing a song she made up about a princess!  


Her grandfather helped her understand how long she'd have to wait until Saturday.  He told her she would go to school 4 days and the next day was the tea.    She said "My brain won't stop thinking about it"

This was the first thing she went for on her tray!  (good girl!)

And.... this was next!  (LOL)  She commented about "no nose".  When I said oh, they didn't paint a nose on the face did they - she said "Aunt Nette! They didn't use paint -they used frosting!"  (smart girl!)

Sitting at the table  next to us was someone celebrating her birthday also.  They came out with her "treat" singing Happy Birthday and Winter chimed in singing Happy Birthday to her too.   

Then came time for Winter's "Happy Birthday" song.   I think she really was surprised.

(her mom and grandmother warned her ahead of time that Aunt 'Nette is going to take lots of pictures today)

They have a special tea for the little girls.  It's called "fairy tea".  It's served in a teapot just like the adults, but it's a cold tea.  I tried it, and I really liked it!   (I wonder if I can order that next time I go with the girls as MY tea choice?   Just a thought....)
There are other tea rooms near me, but one thing (among many) that I love at the Camellia Rose Tea Room is that they have a "bottomless pot of tea" policy!  You pick your tea from over 75 choices of tea, or you can get one of the two special tea of the day, and when you're done with that pot...the party isn't over!  You can get a refill or try a different tea!   Fun!

Anyway, after the fun, we walked to the park to let her run off some sugar,  I mean chill out and be a kid.

I think she had a nice time.  I have a couple years before the next one turns five,  but for Mackenzie and Winter, their tradition has just begun!


  1. how adorable! My goodness, what big eyes she has! She is so cute! What a nice tradition for you to do for them!


  2. Such a gorgeous tradition, Jeanette! And such a cute 5 yr old ;)

  3. That sounded like so much fun! What a sweet tradition you have started. I can just hear her making all of her little comments. She is just a beautiful little girl.
    Now, what I want to know is - can I come to tea with you? lol

  4. Dear Jeanette:
    What a lovely tradition for your girls! They'll have these memories their whole lives. I wish we had a tea room little girls, but this ol' girl would thoroughly enjoy it!

  5. what cute sweet girls! i bet that was a dream come true for them!

  6. Oh - I want to go to tea too!!! What fun! She is just adorable :) Maybe my boys will have little girls and we can have "Tea with Grandma!" - well not for a while yet I hope.
    Beautiful photos!

  7. What a nice tradition you have started! My little girls love to have tea parties. I think it's something all little girls love.


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