Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When I say “I have no sense of direction.” I mean it. Not only can’t I find my way to a geographical location, but I get lost in just about any place that has more than one turn.

I can tell east, west, north and south…if I’m in my county. But if you take me on vacation, don’t expect me to know what direction I’m facing without a compass. And I’m talking that digital thing mounted in my car, not that magnetic thing that has a spinning dial.

I need a visual point of reference. I can’t even count the many times after leaving my car, to go into the fabric store and making the mental note: “Ok, I’m parked in the “A” row of JoAnn’s.” When I forget, I’ve been known to click the car alarm to “find” my car. Yeah, the people in the parking lot don’t appreciate my predicament.

Oh, and giving directions? That’s not my forte either but my poor husband is so patient. I’m basically worthless to him as a co-pilot. The directions I do actually give are like a puzzle, with pieces missing. If you ask me how to get somewhere, you’re really better off already knowing.

It’s not a good feeling when you’re never really sure about where you are, or where you’re going. That’s why couple years ago, my sister gave me a GPS for Christmas. What an invention! While it can’t help me find my car, it can get me somewhere and, best of all, get me home!

It has become my “go-to” guide, a lot like my Bible is my guide for spiritual direction. Everything I need for my journey “home” is in The Word. While my internal compass may be askew, my spiritual compass has a guide that’s right on target. God's word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path and through the Holy Spirig, we may have understanding to know God's will for our lives. 


  1. You made me giggle Jeanette. My one sister has no sense of direction either. She only used to be able to find her way home by getting to the mall first! I like how you tied the story in with God's word. So true. Thanks for stopping my blog today. Glad I stopped by yours!
    I will be back again.

  2. I feel your pain! ;) I used to live in an area where I knew my directions, the mountains to the east and the lake to the west. I could tell you that we lived north of the big city and south of the medium city. In an area where the Alps were to the east and the Adriatic to the west. Then we moved to a new country that doesn't even have mountains! How in the world am I ever going to know where I'm going? It's crazy!!

  3. gosh i feel a whole lot better now :) i am so bad i turn the map around as we go because i cant visualise it any other way...am i making sense?

  4. I feel the same way but in respect to my life right now. I am asking God to help me find my way and give me directions. Thanks for your story.

    Plan B

  5. Great post - so so true. In times of great turbulence in my life, the Bible and faith in my Savior have been the only two things that have pulled me (and our family) through. God is good and faithful! Funny post too - I am so directionally challenged!

  6. I just had to share my story with you Aunt Nette...in 2002 I visited Houston, Texas and had a hire car, so not a car I was used to finding in a car park!....my first visit to Walmart in Alvin, Texas I came out of the store and walked towards where I'd parked the vehicle....but as I'd only been in the country less than 24 hours (how sad that I'd already resorted to shopping in Walmart hey? lol) I didn't really recognise the car straight away, so did as you do, and pressed the button on the remote gadget for the car, and saw the lights flash on a car that looked like my hire car, walked over to it, opened the door, got in just as a man did the same to a vehicle just behind where mine was parked....I placed my purse on the passenger seat and started thinking things looked a little weird...the interior of the car wasn't spotless like the hire car, the key didn't fit the ignition....I checked the rear view mirror and the man from the almost identical car was coming towards me....yep, you guessed it, we'd both pressed our remote key openers at the same time, and promptly hopped into the other persons' vehicle....we had a great laugh about it, and he joked and said we could swap keys....seens as though the hire car was a newer model than his, and in immaculate condition! I still laugh about that, even today! So don't feel so bad after all hun. Hugs Naomi


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