Friday, September 24, 2010

Winners of the Relevant10 Give-Away announced!

If you remember my post here Then you know that I couldn't go to Relevant10...

and that I was giving the tote bag (pictured there in the post) away to an attendee. There was, however a catch (LOL) They had to take me with them! Well, not me in the flesh, but me as Flat 'Nette! Amy's name of Amy Bayliss was drawn first. But, I guess I wanted a twin at Relevant, I don't know, and felt the need to give another tote away, sooooo - that meant Karen of Faith Family Fibro was the other recipient! I'm thrilled she won too. Her tweets have been so sweet on twitter.
So, those are the two lucky ladies! (after toting me around we'll see how lucky they think they are! LOL)


  1. Thank you so very much, Jeanette! I am looking forward to taking one of the flat twins to Relevant!

  2. *Teehee*...I don't want to think of you flat!!!...Congratulations to the ladies. Be careful with her!! ^_^

  3. I am so excited to take you with me. I put you on my blog already so you can get prepared with me! Thank you so much sweetie! Blessing, Karen


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