Thursday, August 19, 2010

Give-Away for Relevant10!

***** Give-Away is now closed *****

Are you going to Relevant10? I'm not and kinda bummed about it all. But I thought of a way I could go...sort of... and you can help! This coincides with the Relative 10 GiveAway! Here is what you will win if selected:

included is a matching tissue holder...complete with *un-used* tissue !
here's a pic of the inside...

those polka dots don't "translate" well in this pic... they're a hot pink!

Now, here's how you can be in the entries...
All I need is for you to take around "Flat (Sweet) Jeanette" with you at Relevant10 and take pics of me enjoying it all with you!

Yes, that's right. I'm sending you a flat (Sweet) Jeanette with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for you to mail her back to me, and then after Relevant10, just attach the pics in an email, or if you blog about it and use my pics, send me a link. That's all I ask. At least this way I can enjoy the conference with you! I'd love to see how creative you will get too!!!

So, if you're going to Relevant10, and would like to enter, please leave a comment.
* The winner will be announced the Friday, September 24th *

Next year perhaps I'll be there in real life, but for now, I'm counting on YOU!


  1. What a great bag and cute idea! I'd be happy to take Flat (Sweet) Jeanette to Relevant with me.

    Count me in!

  2. What a cute idea! I'm going to Relevant and would love to take "you" along!

  3. I think I'm going. I have 1/2 sponsorship but have to get the whole thing to go. I want to go. This is too cute!

  4. So cute. I'd love to take you on my 3,000+ mile road trip to Relevant. ;) Just pray that I save up the funds to go!!!

  5. VERY cute idea and love the bag!! I'm not going, but thinks it's a fab idea.

  6. I love the idea! I'm not going but wanted to tell you that I loved the purse too!

  7. I would love to go to Relevant and I live close but so far no ticket... well no funds for a ticket! So don't count me in to take you with me but I wanted to stop by and say what a cute idea this is. I love it... and can't wait to see the photos of "you" at Relevant! : )

  8. Hello! I just stumbled onto your blog via a tweet about this super cute giveaway! :) I'm so glad I did too! Very nice blog, and very cute bag!!! :) Would love to take "you" along with me to Relevant!! hee hee

  9. So fun! I'd be delighted to take you along with me to Relevant (and I'd love to meet you there in person next year)!

  10. I would totally do it! such a great idea, we will miss getting to meet you in person though.

  11. Super cute idea! Relevant is my first conference and bringing along Flat Jeanette would be a lot of fun!

  12. What an awesome idea! I heard about this Flat thing when I was reading Blissdom tweets. Good for you to do this for Relevant. I would love having you travel with me. I am driving from the midwest out to PA so it may be lots of fun. If I can't stay up at night cuz of fibro, I will sure have someone take you partying with them so you don't miss out!!!! P.s. I love the bag!!!

  13. I'd love to take you with me! A friend who couldn't go blessed me with her ticket so I could attend. It would be so fun to take pictures for you!

  14. I wish I could say I was able to ~FLY~by Relevant 10 and take Flat Sweet Jeanette with me too! But I don't think I can or am?
    You know I would like your sweet company to enjoy in reality too! Dont' you? Sorry I may not qualify to win this sweet prize? I did tweet it out and am keeping my wings crossed!

    ladybugcda(at)hotmail(dot) com


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