Saturday, August 7, 2010

BlogHer10 vs Non-BlogHer parties - oh no!

On day 19 of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, the assignment was to give your opinion. No. I don’t want to. It was always my intent to have my blog as a haven. A place of escape where you don’t hear my views on politics. Where I won’t berate one group over the other or spew junk that would just bring “bad vibes”. No haters allowed I always said.

So I just turned the pages to the next assignment (yes, I actually printed that thing out! A gazillion pages I might add.)

Then this weekend happened. It was BlogHer10 in New York.

Now, BlogHer is a really cool event and I have no problem with it.  I’m not sure I’d go if my husband didn’t go with me (I’m sure he could pay a call on his clients in Jersey while I’m there) and that would be because, (bless my heart) I have absolutely no sense of direction! Really! Just ask anybody that has ever been off with me! Hey! Just go with me to the mall!

There was plenty happening in “twitter land” for those who were not attending. There was #notgoingtoblogher and #blogherpityparty, #HomeHer (I especially thought that was a cool name) #nogoblogher and others that I can’t remember right now. I attended a lot of those parties, and I even donated giveaways to a couple. It was really funny reading the ladies tweets as if we were actually at a blogging event… asking what their hotel rooms looked like, who wanted to meet in the lobby, go for breakfast, the parties we’d be attending…. All in fun and totally innocent. No harm, no foul.

And then I saw it. Some Blogher10 folks were seeing the tweets obviously because I started seeing tweets about how they thought it was sad that “we” were making fun of them (jealous of them) because they were there and we weren’t. (Ok, I must insert this because there were not a lot of those type of tweets, but the few that were I was unfortunate enough to read).

I felt awful that some of the people mistook our “fun” as an affront to them. Honestly, I even tweeted something like “Dear Blogher10 don’t be jealous of us in our nonblogher parties”. Immediately I thought Oh no! Do they mean me? Am I one of those “sad” ones they were talking about?

I want you to understand that generally I’m the type of person, if I see you stopped following my blog, or tweets, I immediately think “now why doesn’t she like me anymore”. Really, it’s sick I know, but I am the first-born-compliant-one! LOL.

I’m getting to the opinion part, honest!
I am going to reference a much overused and abused quote now so get ready… It’s from Rodney King… People! “Can we just all get along”??? I mean, really. Come on. Lighten up. In the (multiple) parties I was privy to I didn’t get the feeling they were spewing hate towards the BlogHer crowd. Not one bit. I just wish we could all not take ourselves so seriously…chill. And remember that you’re only reading words, you can’t actually hear the laughter or smile in the person’s voice. Try to extend some grace…and laugh with them.  Please!  Because I'm definitely a tongue-in-cheek kinda gal, and have stuck her big foot in her mouth more than once (or 100's of times).

Ok, that’s it. My opinion, my soapbox and I’m climbing down now.

Just love each other more, tolerate the other style of humor, be kind…and be Sweet, ok?
Muuuwah! Love you all!


  1. I'm a lemons to lemonade kinda girl... and I've loved some of the not at blogher hoopla because quite frankly, there was no way I was going to get to BlogHer and yes, I'm kinda jealous of the cool swag that is being offered up at some of the sponsored parties.... and it's been fun both reading about blogher and also meeting the myriad of other women who just didn't get there...
    I think that anyone who is tweeting hate about some innocent fun has more problems than just being at blogher...
    great opinion piece!

  2. Great innocent FUn that's all it is.
    Part of me is probably jealous but I will get to go to BLogher, i know that.
    It is one of my goals!
    And I try to accomplish every single one of my goals!

  3. Totally agree. But again, it's what ALWAYS happens when you get a group of women together. Someone's going to get mad or butt hurt. It never fails.

    I personally had fun at all the not at Blog Her stuff and cannot wait to actually GO in 11!

  4. I haven't attended any BlogHer conference. I have, however, attended Bloggy Boot Camp, and will again in September. That said, I found HomeHer10 to be hilarious--and I didn't take it seriously at all. Actually, I took it to be making more fun of the absurdity of life as a parent than making fun of BlogHer. I can see how attendees of BlogHer may see it as an "attack" of sorts, which is sad as it wasn't meant to be one at all. Even when you don't mean to hurt someone, though, sometimes someone feels hurt. So, my personal apologies to anyone who was hurt by HomeHer10...but, as I know it was not a twitter party hosted with malice, I do not feel bad for my participation.

  5. Aww! Even your criticism is sweet!
    I caught your post on the HomeHer10 stream. Honestly, I didn't even think the BlogHer peeeps were even paying attention to us!
    Well, whatever. I've decided that I am going to get to BlogHer, one way or another, next year. Perhaps I'll see you there?

  6. I am jealous that I didn't get to go but hopefully I'll change that next year. With that being said I took part in the blogherpityparty and have enjoyed it. Earlier today I started reading some of the homeher10 and was laughing hysterically. I agree that it would be nice for everyone to just get along.

    By the way I'm a new follower!

  7. I am in no way even remotely jealous of those that went to BlogHer10 and I think some people just have to make more out of something than is really necessary. I feel sorry (and sad) for those that felt it necessary to poke fun or make remarks about those who did not get to go.


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