Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Olive Sandwich Spread - Easy!

Do you like olives?  I don't.  Which is why this is so weird.  I love this olive spread!  First I thought, ok, maybe it's green olives I don't like so I tried black olives in some sort of pasta salad.  Nope.  Don't like those either.  It's just olives in this form that I like!   There used to be a sandwich shop in town called The Cheeseboard and they made muffaletta's.  It was my first experience with those so-called Muffalettas.  But it wasn't until I actually went to New Orleans and tried an authentic one that I realized that "our version" of a muffaletta wasn't the same (and I actually liked our home-town version better - but don't tell anyone in Louisanna I said that, ok?  LOL).

Ok, back to my lunch...  So there I was in the grocery store picking up ingredients to make hubby some chicken soup (he's been under the weather of late) and I saw the cans of black olives and thought about those so-called muffalettas, which then made me think of just a sandwich spread for ham sandwiches (which is how I do it). I grabbed a couple of cans (they're small).  And then I saw this flat-out bread...

of course I bought it too.  I love wraps.  Hubby?  Not so much.    I know, I know.  I promised I was getting to lunch, right?  I'm just a side-tracked individual (giggle).  

Now for the "spread"....  you're gonna just love this...   After you plop the chopped olives in a bowl (yes, buy the already chopped kind) you just add mayonnaise and stir it up!

you can season it if you want, but don't add salt - the olives are salty enough!

And now a public service announcement about mayo:  Get the good kind.  I remember watching a cooking show (a long time ago) and the chef said about mayonnaise "...and use the good kind".  I looked and he was using Hellman's.  So I've been using that ever since.  Of course, in the south, all good girls use Duke's, and that's just as good as Hellman's...really!    Growing up I hated mayonnaise and always ate my sandwiches with mustard only...until I had a sandwich made with Hellmans.  It was then I realized I just didn't like Kraft!  LOL  (but don't tell anybody who works for Kraft, ok?  I don't want to upset them).

ok, so spread it out on your bun, bread, flat-out, whatever....  then add your meat of choice.  I picked turkey today, but after eating it with turkey, I am convinced that ham is the meat of choice here.   Turkey just doesn't have that "flavor" ham does and the olive spread overpowered it.  Just my opinion. (Don't tell any turkeys I said that, I don't want them to feel un-loved).

and that's it.  Your super-easy black olive sandwich spread for a not-muffaletta sandwich!

Do you have a sandwich spread you and your family like?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. mmm...that looks good and I dont usually like mayo. I will give this a try.
    Have a good day!

  2. I might have to try this. I don't like olives, but you said you didn't either. Thanks

  3. We have a favorite recipe called "Green Chile Roll-Ups"

    Package of Cream Cheese
    1 cup (big handful) grated cheese
    4 oz. can chopped green chiles
    1/2 cup sliced green onions
    can of chopped black olives
    4 tortillas

    Mix first 5 ingredients together. Spread on flour tortillas and roll up. Refrigerate until set. Slice in 1/2 inch slices and serve.

    This is a GREAT spread. Kind of reminds me of your recipe but with a few extra ingredients. I think it would be great as a sanwich spread or on a wrap. (And then just don't slice it.)

  4. Yummy! Sounds delish! I am following your blog now! Jess @ Mamas Got Flair sent me! =)

  5. I'm always looking for good recipes with olives because I don't care for them but people I cook for do. Thanks for sharing.

    Plan B


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