Monday, June 21, 2010

Well, how did everyone do?  Did you last the whole week?  I had updated a bit of my week for Freezer Food Friday last week in which I said....  (copied from that post)

Monday - beef enchiladas (I had already browned some taco seasoned ground beef in the freezer)

Tuesday - Chicken pot pie, lemon meringue cupcakes AND strawberry turnovers. Yes, that was two desserts! Not only did I fix our dinner, but took a meal to some friends!

Wednesday - Chef salad night

Thursday -  Leftovers

Friday - This is our "date night"  (Ruby Tuesday) both of us had the salad bar.

Ok, Saturday....well, we were out doing "research" for a new phone.  Our contract is up in July and I don't think I want to stay with the blackberry curve so we were just checking to see what's "out there".  Plus, a little shopping on the side for hubby.  We came home even more confused that when we left the house as to the phone situation!    While we were out, we just grabbed a Quiznos sandwich for dinner.

Sunday we ate with my sister and her family.  I made an apple crisp to take.  The rest of the meal was on her!  WooHoo!

So that was my week.  I'm not sure how you feel about our "Date Night" on Friday and the sandwich on Saturday.  I mean, would that be thought of as "cheating" ?   LOL.  We're going out of town later this week.  Paul's niece is getting married so we're going to North Carolina and I don't really want to buy groceries until we get back, so maybe I'll redeem myself by still living out of the pantry until then!  (to be fair, and all...  LOL)

I want to hear how you did if you participated!  No judgement if you didn't finish, or had to run to the grocery store.  Just share.  Maybe we can all get some inspiration and ideas for the next time.  (either latter part of July, or August)

Don't forget to link up if you post, or just leave a comment if you'd prefer!

Thursday - Grilled hotdogs, slaw and salad. (I used the French Dressing I had made and blogged about here)

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