Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Good morning my friends!
Have you wondered what the button in the right margin "Prayer Request Tuesday" was all about? (the one at the top with Jeremiah 29:2 scripture reference?). I've been thinking a lot lately of how we're instructed to lift each other up and pray for one another. On my facebook page, a while back, I asked if anyone had any prayer requests. I was touched and amazed at all the responses I received. At the same time I was convicted that I had not been praying for my sisters as I ought, and then I happened on a blog where the question was asked "How may I pray for you today". I was so moved by that act of love that I decided I would do the same on my blog, in hopes that around this blog-world, we could cover the whole week in prayer and "bear one another's burdens".

How it works: If you have a prayer request, leave a comment. You don't have to give any particulars you don't want to, and if you'd rather just leave a comment stating "unspoken", that's fine. If you'd like to pray, then please, pray for the person's comment above yours. (A "prayer chain" of sorts).


  1. I love this...great idea! I do have a prayer request. After 10 years of being a divorced mom, I think I am finally ready to start a relationship with someone. I don't know any single men, but I know if God has someone for me we will meet when it's the right time. Please pray that if it is God's will, I will meet someone very special who will be perfect for me and my children. Thanks!

  2. Lovely idea! Please pray for my 13 year old daughter who has been suffering with RSD (nerve pain in her leg) for nearly a year. That we may find the right therapy to relieve her pain. Susan, I will be praying for you!

  3. Thanks, Jeanette, for the sweet message. Ellyn, sending some prayers up for your daughter. :)

  4. So wonderful to see Christians here! And thanks for the wonderful ideas hear on your blog, Jeanette!

    I do have a prayer request as well, please pray for complete healing for my nephew. Thank you! <><

  5. I don't have a particular need right now, so I will be sending my prayers for those in need. What a wonderful idea this is.

  6. I'm so touched at your willingness to use your blog as a place to share prayer requests. Truly.

    I'm blessed beyond belief and I have nothing but everyday burdens to bear, but I'd love to join in prayer for those in need.

    God bless.


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