Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Week Down (Blog) Memory Lane

Hey y'all!  I'm participating in "Get Back to Blogging & Jump Start Your Blog", sponsored by The Secret to Success is Support (because I'm a SITS girl!). 

There are "writing prompts" for this week (September 13th through the 17th).  I like writing prompts, it's a great way to direct your thoughts.  Sometimes my mind is in a thousand different directions at once.  AND, there is a proverbial "carrot" dangling in front of all the participants!   Check out Thelma and Louise....

Yes, one lucky blogger is going to win these beauties!  My old washing machine and dryer are mis-matched and not energy efficient.  (I'm having some serious appliance envy right now).  The color is in honor of ovarian cancer awareness...and who do we have to thank for these beauties you ask?  Well, a great big thanks goes to :

I so want to win!  (hint, hint)

This week will be more like a journey of the evolution of my blog. When I started my blog, back in April of 2009, I honestly had no earthly idea what I was doing. I just knew that a friend from church had started one and said it was easy to set up and she loved blogging. So I "played" around with setting one up and there it sat... (insert sound of crickets here)....

I thought about just linking to that first post, but because of that lack-luster introduction who'd want to check it out, right?  I don't think I would  so I'm just copying and pasting it here. It's painless, because it's so short!  LOL
Well, it's official. I'm now a blogger! Well, I wouldn't say that yet! I'm just plunging in, head (or is it feet??) first and don't have a clue! LOL

I'm mainly doing this because... why is it again? Oh, maybe to journal my baking triumphs - or catastrophes- and just general musings I guess! We'll see how well I do. So, welcome and maybe I'll be posting soon.

Yeah, I know. A major yawn fest, right?  Listen!  In the background. What's that music I hear?  "You've come a long way baby...."    I'm not sure if I've "arrived" yet, but I do admit, I have come a long way!  

Thank goodness I found some really great blogging friends along the way.  They were willing to share some blogging knowledge, tips and tricks. Things like "don't get caught up in the numbers (followers)".  When I first started Sweet Jeanette, I was asking for followers from everybody!  Follow Me!  Follow Me!  (I want to secretly rule the world). Followers are great (and I love every one of mine!!!)  but then I found I was lacking in comments.  Ok, they followed me to appease me, but are they really dropping by for a visit?  The only way I know that  you are actually here is if you say "hey"...i.e.,  leave a comment.  I started feeling lonely.   Which lead to yet another piece of advice from the wisdom of other bloggers... concentrate on good content.   I'm not sure if I'm "there" yet, but at least that's on my mind now!  LOL.
I've met some really great blog-friends since starting this journey.  If there was one piece of advice I could pass down to a new blog owner, it would be, don't get star struck by the "stars" of blogdom and only pal around with them.  There are some wonderful "small blog" owners who have become some of the best blog friends on earth!   Grow together, support each other, and be real.

Ok, that's day one.  I promise it does get better.   Here's what you can expect, just in case you're thinking "ho hum,  don't think I want to come back this week if that's what she's talking about"  (LOL)

Tuesday:   I will be re-uploading a post I wish more people had read and explain why it is important to me
Wednesday:  Re-upload a post with a title that I am particularly proud of and explain why.
Thursday:  I will write a new post about a woman who inspires me.
Friday:  As my last assignment I will write about what blogging means to me.  Why I blog.  What purpose it serves and how I have benefited from sharing a piece of myself online this way.

How's that for a "cliff hanger"!


  1. We all have to start somewhere... my first post was much like yours... short and sweet to announce 'I'm here' I think I found your blog through SITS and have been following you for a few months... I don't get to comment as often as I like, but am loving this blog challenge week as a way to re-connect with old friends and find new ones... looking forward to seeing what post you choose for tomorrow... Heather from Acting Balanced :

  2. I wish I still have my first post it sounded just like this. Crickets! JaMonkey!

  3. This sounds really interesting, Jeanette! I blogged for two years before I had even one follower...I KNEW I was just talking to myself! But after I had a give away, I started getting followers and now have made some really great blogging friends, too - you are one of them! :o)

    I'll be checking back all week to see what you have to say!



  4. This is a great post! But I know what you mean...getting back to blogging is SO HARD!

  5. You make me feel that my thoughts about my blog are right on track now!! I've only been blogging a few months and I was starting to think that my numbers were low, and I didn't get many comments, because I was boring people's socks off! So, I decided to just focus on what I liked to talk about and treat it kind of like a diary...with pictures, and do it for ME. Since doing that, I love it and my followers have picked up...You are correct!!! ^_^ I look forward to seeing what else you talk about the rest of the week!

  6. Your first post is a lot like mine was! I love your blog design - it is so cute! Stopping by from SITS.

  7. This sounds so interesting Jeanette. I do agree that the comments are important. How else do we know if someone is really reading the blog? I have followers but don't know if they are coming back. I look forward to reading your posts.


  8. Great recap! I would say you have come a long way indeed since your blog's humble beginnings!

    I love that you recommend writing for content and not just to gain followers...even though if you do concentrate on the quality of your writing you WILL find them flocking to you and what you have to say!

  9. Great first post, and it HAS gotten better!!!

  10. I love your post today. It is fun to go back and see where everyone started even if it does seem a tad "boring" lol I wish I had my first post but it is gone forever {sniff sniff}. If you win T & L can I come to your house to do my laundry??? ;)

  11. Hey Jeanette! Looks to me like you did Day One just right! It's basically what I did! I love how your first post was like, "So, here I am and I have no clue what's going on, but, hey! Here I am!" So funny and honest! Have fun with the rest of the week!

  12. It's interesting, isn't it? I'm doing a blogiversary post, but not going this far back :).

  13. I agree with the other comments. It is a great "Here I Am" 1st post.

  14. Definitely write for content and write for you. The rest will follow.

    After all, you are the only person who can define your standard of success.

  15. You definitely get the "most improved" award, and I really appreciate you offering great advice for new bloggers like me! Very fun blog :-)


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