Saturday, November 13, 2010

Celebrate! The women's event I attended today

Today was the annual women's event at my church called "Celebrate!"   Usually in November we kick off the season with "Simply Christmas", but this year we included all celebrations.  Ladies decorated their tables, and they were the "hostess" of their table for the event.  The tables were judged too! (prizes!  prizes!)  I didn't do a table.  I don't usually get to attend, because this is normally held the first week in November, which is either on or near my anniversary.   This year I was able to attend.    I took (as part of their Christmas present to them) my sister, Becky and my nephew's wife, Jodi.  My neice, Erin had to work so she wasn't able to join us.

It was a sold out event!

The ladies had just been let in the doors and they were discovering all the beautiful tables!
I just want to share with you the tables from today's event...

This one had the theme of breast cancer awareness

I had to get a close-up of the napkin...I just love what they did with the napkins!

I took this pic,and then....

They put favors on their plates!

This one was New Years...look how elegant!

The hostess of this table cross stitched placemats for everyone at her table! How adorable!!!

Everyone at this purple table had tiara to wear - that is so me!!!  LOL

I love these plates!  Does anybody know the pattern name?

(A closer look)

Betcha can't guess what celebration this is! LOL   I heard that everyone sitting at that table got a crocheted afgan (those hanging off the backs of the chairs!)  WOW!!!

I meant to sneak over afterwards and see what was in all those golden gift boxes!

I just loved the "cake" made out of flowers!

Yes, that's a diaper cake as the centerpiece!  Love it!

You see those "beads" in the smaller flower vases (with the carnations) - those are edible strawberry whoppers!  Who knew?!?  btw, they were delicious! 

There you have it - the tablescapes from Celebrate!  I can't remember who won what - sorry - but in my opinion, they were all winners!
There were demos and speakers (I'll share some of the tips and ideas in a later post) My camera battery died so Jodi helped me out by taking some pictures with her phone camera of the demonstrations. (Thanks Jodi for rescuing me!)

Be Sweet!


  1. Enjoyed it!

  2. What wonderful ideas all the ladies had, They tables were beautiful.

  3. Oh my beautiful...the Thank you for sharing ...wish I could of been there...wish I could of had a table. What fun.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  4. Hey Jeannette, they were all beautiful, the ladies went above and beyond, didnt know about the event until a few days before, but thanks to you I felt like I was there and I also want to thank you dor the great new ideas that I have added to my memory banks for the future ! My Favorite, the poinsetta napkin ring, will use that on my christmas table for sure ! Thanks !

  5. This is beautiful. Every table had creative ideas. Simply divine.


    -Samya :-)

  6. The gold boxes with red ribbon contained beautiful musical snow globes. I scored!

  7. Beautiful tables. How awesome to see so much at one time.

    Plan B


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