Monday, November 8, 2010

Great use for left-over Halloween candy!!!

Hey y'all!   I'm still trying to get the house in order and clothes washed and put away from our trip...
I'll be posting Wednesday about our trip to the Big Apple, but until then, I happened upon this blog that had the greatest idea!

Do you have leftover Halloween candy?

This is one of those ideas you go slapping your forehead and saying "now, why did I think of that?!"   
Amanda from We Are the Joneses shared a super-spactacular idea!!!  Make cupcakes!!!

You've just GOT to check out her post on making these on We Are The Joneses !

Until my next post - Be Sweet!


  1. Aww thanks for the feature!! I'm a new follower of your blog -- love the freezer foods! My hubs works 3rd shift so freezer food is perfect for us -- while I make eggs for breakfast he can pull out some dinner. And I dont have to cook it (well, again I guess) :) Thanks again!!


  2. We don't have left over candy but this sounds intriguing. I will have to hop on over and find out what she does :)

  3. Since I live on a farm - we don't get trick or treaters, therefore I don't have to buy candy :)
    I do go to the store after Halloween and by some on sale to add to the Christmas Goody bags I make for the bus kids.


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