Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My trip

Ok, I'm still not ready to post about my trip to the Big Apple... but I'll let you see our first leg of the trip...which was Philadelphia, PA.   "The hubs" company participates in a trade show every 2 years, and it rotates locations.  This year it was in Philly.   Since ASPE (American Society of Plumbing and Engineers) holds this trade show right before our anniversary, we just take the week and celebrate it wherever the show is held, or where it's near.

The show is only two days, and we arrived early so we were able to take a double decker bus tour after setting up for the show. 

I fell in love with the ornate buildings!

(showing my ignorance here but I thought San Francisco and NY were the only ones with China Towns)

There were lots and lots of murals like these!  I loved 'em. 
I learned that for (hope I get this right) every $1,000.00 dollars spent in buildings, $1.00 goes toward the arts.  There is art everywhere in Philadelphia!  Even the graffiti is protected as art.  I learned that there is actually paid persons who go around and if the graffiti is wearing out or needs to be renewed, they advise the powers that be.

oooooh - spooky!   This is the prison, that housed Al Capone!  Creepy looking even in the daylight.

This was the coolest place!  It was literally right across the street from our hotel.  It was like a glorified farmer's market with a huge food court!

and then there was...

and I must say.  Oh. My. Goodness!!!!
This was the most incredible sandwich!

It's a pork roast, with melted provolone, and topped with broccolirob, and then if that was enough, they take the sandwich with tongs and dip it into the roast pork juice.  Let's take a minute to wipe the drool from our chin....  LOL

I never did get an authentic Philly Steak -N- Cheese sandwich!  That was my goal when I heard we were going to Philadelphia, but I definitely was NOT disappointed in this one! 

ok, that was a glimpse into the first few days of our trip.  Hopefully, I can get the New York City pics up for you soon!  I'm not even going to promise tomorrow because I seem to have a bit of difficulty in coming through on my word this week!  (LOL)


  1. My stomach was growling by the end of this post!

  2. Those buildings are truly gorgeous. I never thought of Philly being a "tourist" place but it looks like a very interesting city to visit.

  3. I didn't realize Philly had a ChinaTown, either. The buildings are beautiful.


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