Friday, November 12, 2010

Healthy - and great tasting- Fruit Smoothie

While out running errands today, I looked at my watch and it was 12:30 - I had totally forgotten to eat breakfast, and now it was lunch time.  Hmm... what drive through should I go to?  All the options were either not good for me, or I wasn't in the mood. 
Then again, I had always heard, if you want to eat healthy, don't eat from any place where your food comes through the window of your car (i.e., fast food).
Then, (light bulb moment) I thought about the package of frozen fruit I had in the freezer... Yep!  That fits the bill!  I'll have a smoothie!  Not just any smoothie, mind you, but a healthy one.   I don't know what's gotten in to me this week,  yesterday I literally craved oatmeal, and today a smoothie!  Sure hope this trend continues!  LOL

Anyway, thought I'd share this quick and easy...and healthy.. recipe with you.

2 scoops of Rice Protein Powder (I like vanilla flavored)
1 TBSP Flax Oil
1-2 TBSP Flaxseed meal
Fruit of choice  (I had these frozen strawberries/bananas in the freezer - but not enough so I found some mixed berries to throw in too)
and either milk or orange juice  (I go back and forth between the two - today was milk)

Note:  I got the rice protein powder, flax seed meal and flaxseed oil at my local whole foods/health food store

Just dump it all in the blender, no particular order and whirl away.

See how simple it is?  It is really quite tasty.   Though, those multi-berries had blackberries and that means seeds. I didn't like that part so I won't use those again, but I totally love the strawberry/banana combo!


  1. Now that does sounds good. I wish I would remember to make these more often for myself.

  2. I've been making these fruit smoothies with the Fat Flush Diet I follow. I love them!! (Although the flax seed oil is awful....I have eliminated that!!!)


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