Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recipes are coming in!

Hey, if you haven't gone to and checked out the updated recipes for the July FOOD CHALLENGE, you should! Just a few more days left. Some have pictures, some don't, but all are tasty I'm sure! Now, since this was started in mid-July, there wasn't really adequate time to "taste test" 'em all and I wasn't really sure how to pick a winner, so I'm putting all names in a hat, er.. bowl... and drawing them. But if you haven't submitted your recipe and want to, you still have time. Ok, just an update. I'm going to bed early (for me) tonight, so enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday was "Merry Christmas Day in July". It's my self-appointed holiday! Truth be told, I start thinking about December 25th on the 26th! I start planning for the next year the very next day! But, to accommodate every one else's sanity, I don't breath a carol, and maybe not a word, that is until July 25th. Then it's a pull-out-the-stops-and-get-ready time! LOL I love Christmas. First and formost because it is the time we have chosen to celebrate my Savior's birth. And secondly, it's all the fun! I love the parties, the festivities and the "feel in the air". I like how people's attitudes change (mostly for the better) and I love giving gifts!!! No question about it, one of my love languages is "gifts". LOL! I missed posting yesterday, so today, please accept my whole-hearted Christmas greetings...early!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FOOD CHALLENGE - new location

Try this link: Here is where I've posted all the Food Challenge submissions so far. Come on over and join in the fun!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Ok, here's the scoop. My friend, Kim, asked me to do Mexican recipes and review them on my blog. I don't typically "do" Mexican, but that got me springboarding to a "FOOD CHALLENGE" !!! Why not, right? I'll post a challenge and we have all month to create something utilizing that challenge. Once a month we'll have a new challenge, and possibly a prize!!! YooHoo!!! These have to be "TNT" (Tried-N-True) recipes. You've made 'em, tested 'em, and nobody died as a result. You can e-mail the recipes to me, AND TAKE PICTURES!!!! and send the pics too. I'll post 'em. That's my best method until I learn more about this little blog critter here. How's that.
who's up for a challenge?

Let's finish out July with "Mexican" and help Kim out!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look what my friend gave me!

Hey look at this! My friend Traci graced me with this ever-so cute teapot, sugar and creamer! Isn't it cute? Perfect for the sweltering summer we are now in. Will take me through spring AND summer. Thank you Traci! I'm wanting to put daisies in it and use it as a centerpiece!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cupcake Day!

Ok, today I decided to try two, count 'em TWO!!!! cupcakes. The first is a lemon meringue type cupcake and the second a cream stuffed chocolate cupcake, kinda like that hostess dohickey. Since they were all from scratch, it took me pretty near the whole afternoon to finish 'em!

I've gotta say, they were yummy! I think my fave, though, was the lemon one. Not that I don't like chocolate, but I'm just a vanilla kind of girl. You can "dress it up" so many different ways! LOL. I'm pooped now. so, note to self: only try one new recipe per day! LOL

The chocolate ones... see? I ate one!

My friend, Tara, said the frosting looked like something her dog left in the yard - and I was thinking the same thing! Next time - spatula spread or closed star tip, not open! LOL

and now for the lemon meringue type cupcakes.... the "meringue" was actually 7-minute frosting. I just love that frosting. Takes me back to my childhood.

I've always said that I don't like "store bought" cakes and it's really because of the frosting. I didn't even eat my wedding cake! I'm known by my friends as a "dessert snob" and I guess it does fit. Usually I'll scrape the frosting off of things I eat, but I could just sit down and spoon this stuff in my mouth! LOL!!!

Oh, and get a load of the cool cupcake papers! I ordered 'em on line. They hold more, and I noticed they were "done" at different times than the regular cupcake papers. (Hubby said, don't use these any more, just go with the "get 500 in a packet from the grocery store kind"! I told him he just didn't know how to hold it! LOL

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Necessity is the mother of invention...

ok, so I tried out this cake I saw on youtube... it's supposed to be a Ghiardelli chocolate cake - you put half the batter in, then put a whole bag of the carmel chocolate squares on top and then top with the rest of the batter. You're supposed to use a silicone pan but I didn't have one. Plus, I don't the time to wait is exactly correct either. But this is what happened. I was making this to take to my in-laws' for the fourth of July festivities. Hmmm.... what could I do because I didn't want to make another something from scratch... Ah ha! Trifle!!! so, here's what I took:

update: I used my coupon for bed, bath and beyond, and bought a silicone pan. Tried it last night and guess what... didn't break apart but a big gob of goo just ran to the middle. I know you're supposed to adjust your baking times and temps when using silicone and I did...the outside tips were burned, but the inside - gooey! It tastes like a dream, but looks sick! LOL
I'd really like this to work out!


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