Sunday, November 13, 2011

Split Pea Soup with Honey Baked Ham bone

So, did you try the loaded baked potato soup?  I'm tellin'  ya,  you should!  I hope you like split pea soup because that's what I'm sharing today.

I had never had split pea soup until a few years ago.  A friend and I found this tea house (literally a transformed house) and they served a complete three course meal.  The soup was split pea.  I was hooked!

I found out after that, that you either love or hate split pea soup.  My husband?  He thinks it's G-R-O-S-S.  I asked him if he had ever tried it, and the answer was no.  I think it's more of an aesthetics thing.  I know he has "texture issues".  He won't eat bananas because "they feel funny" in his mouth.  Go figure.   

I came across this recipe, and it said to use a Honey Baked Ham exceptions.  If you know me at all, you know I don't like restrictions.  I didn't care much for coloring as a child because they said you had to color between the lines...Why?  How boring.   Ok, the soup... (back on track), so anyway, I tried it with, and then without the Honey Baked Ham bone.   TRUST ME, use a Honey Baked Ham bone!  Now, your soup won't bring about the destruction of the world, your puppy won't run away, or your children won't turn into delinquents right before your very eyes if you don't, but the taste is  better.   I'm just sayin...

Ok, ok, the recipe....

Split Pea Soup

2 lbs. split peas
5 quarts cold water
Honey Baked ham bone
2 Cups minced onion
2 Cups minced celery
2 Bay leaves
Creole Seasoning to taste
Salt to taste
1 Cup minced carrots

Check your peas for any "foreign objects", Since they're going to cook about 8 hours, I don't soak over night, but I do rinse 'em.  My choice.  You do what you like.

Combine the peas, water and ham bone in soup pot.  Cover and bring to a boil.
Add celery, onion and spices, simmer until peas have dissolved (that's about 8 hours)

ADD the carrots about 1 hour before serving.  Remove bone and bay leaves.  

I have yet to talk my hubby into trying this soup, so I had lots to save... just so you know - it freezes well.  

Do you like/hate split pea soup?  


  1. I love love love split pea soup! I haven't made it in ages. I think it's time! Thanks for reminding me!

  2. My honey hates the texture of cooked carrots and celery, so I run them, as well as the onions, through the food processor before adding them to the mix; it’s now his favorite soup.

  3. I discovered your recipe a few years ago and love it! I
    We had our thanksgiving dinner today with a ham so I’ll be making your soup tomorrow and sending half home with my son. I’ve told numerous friends about your recipe because it’s so darned good!


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