Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thank you Proctor and Gamble!

Attention Publix Shoppers! From February 23–29 you can participate in P&G’s “One List Life” promotion, available exclusively at Publix: simply select any four fabulous participating P&G items and pick up a FREE Rotisserie Chicken while you’re at it! Learn more at

Proctor and Gamble gave me an early birthday present. Ok, maybe they didn't single me out, and maybe, just maybe they didn't know that my birthday was March 4th (a-hem!) and...well, maybe it's for everybody, but I'm no less excited. They have teamed with Publix in "One List Life" promotion. This is exciting for me, because I already use P&G products and all I needed to do was buy four of their products (which, I might add was already on my shopping list) and I got a free rotisserie chicken! That's a $7.39 savings people!

When I heard about this deal, I got right on facebook and told my friends, (I'm a good friend. I share good news); and then begged them not to go to "my" Publix and get all their free chickens there until I had gotten mine. LOL. (Thank goodness there are 3 within a 10 mile radius of my house.) Seriously! Can you believe it? P&G teamed with Publix to give me a free chicken for buying four products that I already needed to get. There's a list of the participating products on P&G's website
Check it out. You don't need a coupon to get the chicken. (can you tell I'm excited???)

Oh! And if you are a coupon clipper, or even if you're not, if you still have the January 29th P&G brandSAVER coupon insert from the paper, there are coupons in there for Tide, Charmin, Pampers, Bounty, Iams, Pantene and Cascade. You can even stack those on top of the in-store savings! (Can I get a Woot! Woot!) That gave me even greater savings. See?

Though not in the list of products to buy in the One List Life promo, I also bought Mr. Clean which is a P&G product because it was time to make more multi-surface cleaning wipes. I just love the scent of this one
It has such a nice, fresh scent. Anyway, it's very simple and easy to make your own. Take a roll of Bounty (I use Bounty because it is stronger) and cut that roll in half. An electric knife works best, but if you don't have one, that's ok, just use a serrated one. It won't look pretty but you can trim it with scissors if you have a hang-up about those things. (Uh, I trimmed mine) Put it in a plastic container with a lid. Doesn't matter what. I used this old thing that I've had since the 80's. It's my dedicated homemade wipes container.

Don't worry about taking out that cardboard center yet, just pour in about half a bottle of the Mr. Clean. When it's good and saturated, the cardboard center will be easy to just pull out.
Then you can pull your paper, wipes, from the middle. Like pop-ups. I like having these under the sink to pull out for quick wipes. I even keep another container in the bathroom.
As you can see, the bottle will take care of two rolls.

Thank you to P&G for sponsoring my participation in this “One List Life” promotion. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. As a housewife and a mom of 3 teens I always love to find great inexpensive ways of cleaning. However I must change your idea a little, I'm a viva fan! Lol!! Thanks for sharing such a great idea! Happy cleaning

  2. U can also make baby wipes the same way. jst use baby wash with lil water.

  3. Let's say I'm cleaning the bathroom, are these at all flushable? I'm not one to flush paper towel's, so i dunno..i have flushed clorox wipes when cleaning the toilet, even tho the bottle states not to, and i'v had no problem. Do the paper towels break apart at all being in liquid cleaner for so long?

  4. Half a bottle of Mr. Clean is 20 oz. I used the same amount of Method All-Purpose cleaner and it worked really well!


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