Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to you and yours

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Giveaway Time

I think it's about time I had another giveaway, don't you?  You've been so patient with my absence lately (and I love you for it!) so I would like to reward you (great-big-grin)

I call it my "schlepping bag" because it's good for anything.  Roomy enough to carry your books, beach/gym gear... but most of all everybody's telling me they're using it as their market bag (grocery store, farmer's market, flea market...)   
and, just to dress it up a bit, I'm including a "purse pin" to use with it or not....
So the details:
Leave a comment and tell me how you would use your new bag.  
The "winner" will be chosen on January 1st.  (sort of a post-Christmas present)
AND.... though totally not necessary, Get an extra entry if you tweet about it
Extra entry for mentioning on facebook and liking SweetJeanette on facebook gets you another.

***You don't need to have a blog to win!***

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Election That Broke My Heart

Yes, I said broke my heart.  Oh, not because of the outcome.  Not that one person won or that the other person didn't.  It wasn't even the nasty campaigning and debates that we endured (even though they were quite disgusting).  What surprised me and then broke my heart, was the "we the people".

We all had our favorite.  We all stood up on soap boxes from time to time.  But this election, more than any other elections I've witnessed was different.  I'd see tweets for one candidate or the other that would be met with a fire storm of hateful tweets.  I'd see comments on facebook that some were going to un-friend people because they didn't vote for their guy.  In all fairness, I need to say that some were kidding, and I knew who they were but others, well, they were not.  I couldn't help thinking about the 90's and Sarajevo/ Bosnia. The article didn't talk about politics behind the upheaval, but rather the way the people treated each other during this time.  It broke my heart the same way this election did.  The interviewee was speaking how people who had been neighbors and friends turned to enemies simply because one believed one way and the other did not.  And I felt so bad for the poor actress that dared support one man and soon bore the brunt of vicious words. I just wanted to yell, "People!  Stop it!"  Our country is great because we can respect each other's beliefs even if they're not like ours.  We can (at least I think we can) agree to disagree.   I just had to share my heart today.   My heart is still aching...and I really do wish I could "teach the world to sing in perfect harmony"

Let's all be sweet, okay?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

C.R.A.F.T. package pals exchange

I signed up for the package pals exchange on Jamie of  C.R.A.F.T's site.  I've been a slacker, because I'm just now posting all the great things I received.  Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.  It wasn't because I didn't like any of the great goodies...honest!  I loved them all!!!  This was a fun exchange and I met a wonderful new cyber-friend through this!  Her name is Erin from Chronic Christian Crafter.  She was so sweet!  I got so many great things from her, I loved them all.  I started to say that my favorite thing was the "Henderson Bakery" sign she made ( I DO love it), but then there's the absolutely great cup and saucer she decorated with all quotes I pinned on Pinterest.  What thought she put into this exchange!  Made me feel so special!   Oh, and remember me saying I was a slacker?  Well, to prove that point, I sent out her package without shooting any pics.   So I had a brain storm.  I asked her if I could snag the pictures she took (trust me, hers are way better than I could show you anyway).   Being the angel she is, she said yes.    So, first I'll show you the gifts I sent her...  (Thank you Erin for saving me!)
(photo courtesy of Chronic Christian Crafter
Erin had mentioned that she would like to try her hand at sewing, so on my recent trip to TN, there's is a great little pattern shop I like to visit and  I picked up this gingerbread man bucket kit.  Everything she will need to finish that project, plus a small clutch/card clutch pattern.  I sent a tote bag.  I used fabric to make it that I like to call "carpet bagger" fabric.  Very retro/vintage.  A tea towel, business card case, key fob and a Christmas bunting.   Erin hung it up where she had her her Thanksgiving bunting hanging to shoot this picture...

And now, what she sent me...  Ooooooh.... this is so cool!
Isn't that sign the best?!?  And the established date, 1979...the year I was married and established my Bakery!  She put thought into this gift, y'all!   
She continued  the kitchen theme throughout...
Erin made these really cool recipe cards that has "Recipe"  cut-out.  An oven mitt, and she even included two of her own recipes!  I can't wait to try that cobbler!!!
I got these decorated clothes pins, and she took a plastic cutting board and monogramed it with an "H".  How cool!!!

See the cool cup and saucer?  The first pic is the "before"  :-)  I just thought that was the sweetest thing.  She went to my Pinterest page for ideas, and came up with this.  Ultra-cool!!!

and here's a close up of the sign she made me.  (Did I mention that I l-o-v-e this?!?!?)
Photos courtesy of Erin at Chronic Christian Crafter

I have to say, this is one of the absolutely best exchanges I've participated in.  I even asked Erin if she'd put me on her Christmas list this year!    I had such a wonderful exchange partner and as time progresses, and we "stalk" each other's blogs I think we will become great (cyber) friends!   Thank you again, Erin!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Do The Right Thing... Vote!

Democrate, Republican, Libertarian, whatever...

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is election day.  I want to urge you to vote.  Make your voice known.  I'm not going to tell you who to vote for.  I just hope you vote your convictions.  As for my vote, I judge all candidates by how they line up with my Holy scriptures... period.

Now, if you're anything like me, all this campaigning and prognostications by both ends of the spectrum of the media has me, well,  a bit anxious!  I had to take a vacation from the news for a few days, because quite honestly, I thought they were all going to give me a heart attack, or at the very least sick.   No kidding.  I was making myself sick.  Never before had I been affected this way.   Then, I read a facebook post by Kay Arthur (I love her, by the way) and this blessed my anxious heart.  I'm quoting the post here so, if you're like me this year, it may be of a blessing to you also, because God did not give us the spirit of fear:

"I got up this morning feeling anxious. Like you, I have prayed and prayed for America and for our return to God, our future as a nation. I have been all over the Bible from Genesis 18:22 -33 pleading as Abraham plead for Sodom and Gomorrah - to Luke 18 (which I’m writing a course on) and the persistent widow. THEN THIS MORNING it all turned to peace and praise. I've petitioned and petitioned a
s He tells us, reminding Him of His character, power and promises, and all the petitions we've made for years before His throne. 

It’s enough! I don’t know what is going to happen but I know my God and I rest in His Sovereignty! 

The tightness, the angst is gone. Peace and joy fill my heart. I’ve been in Isaiah for several days…try it – go from Isaiah 40-45 and highlight all God tells you about Himself. Look at the end of Isaiah 44 and move into 45 – where God tells about a king, Cyrus, that doesn’t even know God, a king God will put on the throne of Media/Persia who will in about 150 years become His instrument to restore Israel to the land! 

Join me, precious faces, in worshiping, bowing before the Sovereign God who promises you Romans 8:28-33…

I love you…. Kay"

I'd like to add a scripture that has meant a lot to me also.   It's Proverbs 16:33

Love you all, Big Bird haters and lovers alike.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2012

I'm so excited!  I'm in!!!   I will be participating in the Great Cookie Swap of 2012!
 Last year I started seeing all these great cookies and packaging on  Instagram.  I was so sad I didn't know about it before so I could get in on all the fun.  But, fortunately I follow on Twitter, and Instagram, and her blog Julie from the The Little Kitchen.   She put me on the list for 2012!  She remembered!!!!

Now, I like cakes.  Especially if they're carrot cake, cheesecake or my new favorite the Pecan Pie Cake I made last Thanksgiving.  But if the truth be known, I L-O-V-E cookies!   The original cookie monster here!
I know exactly what cookies I'm going to prepare for this swap too!  (You'll just have to wait for the recipe when I send it to my swap partners).   There's still time to participate in this cookie swap if you want to, too!
Just click on the pic in the right margin.  Right there, up top.   You will be paired with three other foodies.  Squee! What fun!!!   There is an "admission fee", if you will...but it's not really a fee.  It's a donation to Cookies For Kids Cancer and 100% of the proceeds go to them.  The "fee" is $4.00.  Hey!  I'd pay 4-bucks to watch an ant eat a bale of hay - - - This is far more worthwhile in my book!

This is going to be so much fun!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Advice My 15 Year Old Self

Not too long ago, I was seeing "Letter to My ___ Year Old Self" all over the blogosphere.  There were varying ages.... I chose 15 year old self for mine, but I am doing  Advice to My 15-Year old Self  instead of a letter.  Things I wish I could have listened to and learned then.

1.  You really will need to know this stuff they're trying to teach          you.  Pay attention.  Learn it!

2.  Don't take the easy way out just for an A. Take the flute if you love it.

3.  Some mean girls will still be mean at 50.
3b.  And you just might find out they have lost their power.

4.   Be yourself, not what you think someone else likes.

5.  BFF's sometimes aren't forever, and that's ok.

6.  No one is worth your self worth.

7.  The careless hurts you cause now will still make  you cringe at 50.

8.  Prayers don't have to be with your eyes closed.

9.  Don't do/be it to be different, do/be it because you believe it.

10.  Don't be in such a hurry to grow up.

What would your Ten Pieces of Advice to your 15 year old Self be?  Can you add any to these? Leave a comment and share some.

Monday, October 1, 2012


This is the day set aside for prayer, for you.

If you have a prayer request, please list it in the comments below. You don't have to give any information you don't feel comfortable with. (A simple "unspoken" comment is sufficient).
If you would like to pray, then please pray for the comment above yours.

Also, if you would like to share a "praise" for a blessing you have received please feel free to leave a comment so we can all rejoice with you!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Birthday Tea with Aunt Nette

This year Mackayley turned 5. Which is the magical number for going to tea with Aunt Nette.
Of course, we went to Camillia Rose Tea Room in Plant City, FL.

Notice that I spelled her name differently than what was on the placecard? It really is Mackayley. But c'mon, how many Mackayleys are there to compare spellings with, right? No biggie, they quickly corrected the spelling....

and we were good to go.

Mackayley is number 3 in the line of "tea with Aunt Nette",and had been listening to stories from the older, more experienced girls of going to tea so she was anxious to have her own "girl time". It was raining on the day we went to tea, so there was no name on the chalkboard outside the store for Mackayley. But that didn't even seem to phase her. (Whew! Dodged that bullet).
(Paying close attention to the tea selection for the day)
and finding the perfect hat is a must
ah, yes. I think she found the perfect tea too.

I thought it was cute that she informed me how a lady would use her napkin!

Like her sister, Mackenzie, she soon got tired of all the pictures too. sigh...

After our tea was over, she used her big-girl vocab and said it was all "lovely". I'm glad all the heightened expectations weren't a disappointment. I never knew how much these teas meant to these little girls. I'm so glad, and grateful to be building memories with them all. Next, tea I'll share is my tea with Winter. It was a comment from her that made me realize just how special these teas are with them! Don't miss it.

and I'll leave you with my favorite picture of all.... I just love this one!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tea with Aunt Nette

As some of you might know, whenever my great nieces turn 5, they get to go to tea with Aunt ‘Nette. I am just now posting about our teas. I’m a bit late. But then, again, I was a bit late taking the girls to tea this year. So I ‘m going to give each one a post of their on. Hope you don’t mind…

Mackenzie was the first.

She is now 8 so she’s being going a long time.

Our favorite place is Camilla Rose in Plant City, FL.

I’ve been to other tea rooms, and they are nice. I’m not taking anything away from them. It’s just, well, they make you feel so special from the time you walk in the door, until the time you walk out. That’s the feel I wanted my nieces to experience. I remember the first time I took Mackenzie and she saw her name on the board, she was so excited! She turned to me, wide eyed and said “I didn’t know they knew my name!”

She felt so special! She loves to look at her place card/marker with her name on it too. I hope they never discontinue that. All the girls love it and look forward to seeing their name.

One of their “signature” features also is the rose napkin at our place setting. I taught Mackenzie how to make her own last year. She’s been turning everything into roses. I think even her bed sheet!

Cute Story alert: When we sat down, this was Mackenzie’s place setting. She looked at me and asked “Why do I have a kid’s tea set?!” She’s a perfect lady so she wasn’t going to make a scene. Our server picked right up on that and brought her out the “big-girl” settings. Mackenzie instructed the server” “Next year, I’m going to be 9…just so you know. So I’m going to need the big girl tea set then too” LOL

Yep! A big girl. She pours her own tea.

What little girl can resist going for the gummy bears first? Look at the cute smiley face PB&J sandwich on the bottom tray. I order the special little girls tea for them. Camilla Rose always asks if there is anything the child does not like so they can tailor it to their tastes. I like that.

I took a lot more pictures, but by now I was getting this with every one…

You sneak ‘em whenever and wherever ya can!

This was my food. If they ever take away the chicken salad sandwich (pictured on the second tier, way in the back), I’ll be a very, very sad lady! It’s so incredibly gooooood!!!

(I think I’m pushing my luck with the pics!)

So on the last picture of the day, I get this. I guess all us “big girls”, get a little crazy now and then, right?

The next Tea is with her sister, Mackayley and this was her first tea! Stay tuned!


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