Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tea with Aunt Nette

As some of you might know, whenever my great nieces turn 5, they get to go to tea with Aunt ‘Nette. I am just now posting about our teas. I’m a bit late. But then, again, I was a bit late taking the girls to tea this year. So I ‘m going to give each one a post of their on. Hope you don’t mind…

Mackenzie was the first.

She is now 8 so she’s being going a long time.

Our favorite place is Camilla Rose in Plant City, FL.

I’ve been to other tea rooms, and they are nice. I’m not taking anything away from them. It’s just, well, they make you feel so special from the time you walk in the door, until the time you walk out. That’s the feel I wanted my nieces to experience. I remember the first time I took Mackenzie and she saw her name on the board, she was so excited! She turned to me, wide eyed and said “I didn’t know they knew my name!”

She felt so special! She loves to look at her place card/marker with her name on it too. I hope they never discontinue that. All the girls love it and look forward to seeing their name.

One of their “signature” features also is the rose napkin at our place setting. I taught Mackenzie how to make her own last year. She’s been turning everything into roses. I think even her bed sheet!

Cute Story alert: When we sat down, this was Mackenzie’s place setting. She looked at me and asked “Why do I have a kid’s tea set?!” She’s a perfect lady so she wasn’t going to make a scene. Our server picked right up on that and brought her out the “big-girl” settings. Mackenzie instructed the server” “Next year, I’m going to be 9…just so you know. So I’m going to need the big girl tea set then too” LOL

Yep! A big girl. She pours her own tea.

What little girl can resist going for the gummy bears first? Look at the cute smiley face PB&J sandwich on the bottom tray. I order the special little girls tea for them. Camilla Rose always asks if there is anything the child does not like so they can tailor it to their tastes. I like that.

I took a lot more pictures, but by now I was getting this with every one…

You sneak ‘em whenever and wherever ya can!

This was my food. If they ever take away the chicken salad sandwich (pictured on the second tier, way in the back), I’ll be a very, very sad lady! It’s so incredibly gooooood!!!

(I think I’m pushing my luck with the pics!)

So on the last picture of the day, I get this. I guess all us “big girls”, get a little crazy now and then, right?

The next Tea is with her sister, Mackayley and this was her first tea! Stay tuned!


  1. What a wonderful idea, 'Nette! It makes me wish that I lived closer to our young granddaughters so that I could do the same thing with them. I'm going to look into the Tea Room and see if I can't arrange to take both of them (and their mommy) there when they come for the Christmas holiday this year.

    I really enjoyed the photos of Mackenzie. She was a perfect little lady. Some day she'll be glad you took all those photos!


  2. Hey there my sweet friend! Oh, yes! You should totally do it. They are so sweet at Camilla Rose. It's a little drive, but you could visit some antique shops while there....and don't forget to visit Southern Hospitality!!!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. I will share it with my daughter, who lives closer. I live in Florida, too!


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